• Michele Parker majored in Sociology and Political Science at SUNY Stonybrook. She then pursued a Master's in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from the University of Vermont. She earned a Ph.D. in Educational Research, Statistics, and Evaluation from the University of Virginia. Michele is a Professor in the Educational Leadership Department at UNC Wilmington.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2022-11-01 Transforming departmental professional development: Developing colleagues in a learning community using appreciative inquiryTo Improve the Academy.  41. 2022-11-01
    2018-07-01 Maximizing teacher time: The collaborative leadership role of the principalJournal of Organizational and Educational Leadership.  3:1-26. 2018-07-01
    2016-01-01 Moving Applied Learning Online: Creating Engaged and Inclusive SpacesInternational Journal for Scholarship of Technology Enhanced Learning.  1:145-161. 2016-01-01
    2015-12-01 Good Teaching Starts Here: Applied Learning at the Graduate Teaching Assistant InstituteCanadian Journal of Higher Education.  45:84-110. 2015-12-01
    2015-12-01 Good Teaching Starts Here: Applied Learning at the Graduate Teaching Assistant InstituteCanadian Journal of Higher Education.  45:84-110. 2015-12-01
    2014-06-01 Using Brief Instructional Video Clips to Foster Communication, Reflection, and Collaboration in SchoolsThe Educational Forum.  78:1-12. 2014-06-01
    2014-01-01 Use of Electronic Storybooks to Promote Print Awareness in Preschoolers who are Living in PovertyJournal of Literacy and Technology.  15. 2014-01-01
    2014-01-01 Use of Synchronous Virtual Classrooms: Why, Who and How?MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching.  10:192-210. 2014-01-01
    2013-06-01 A case study on the Adoption and Use of Synchronous Virtual ClassroomsThe Electronic Journal of e-Learning.  2:124-128. 2013-06-01
    2013-05-01 Developing Collaborative Professional Growth through Peer ObservationsVirginia Educational Leadership.  10:38-53. 2013-05-01
    2013-01-01 An Exploratory Study of the Influence of the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Program on African American Young Men in Southeastern North CarolinaJournal of Education for Students Placed at Risk.  18:153-167. 2013-01-01
    2012-07-01 The Evolution of Teacher Candidates’ Thinking: Coming to Consciousness and Developing ConscienceTeaching and Learning: The Journal of Natural Inquiry and Reflective Practice.  26:58-73. 2012-07-01
    2012-06-01 Examining the Interactivity of Synchronous Virtual ClassroomsThe International Review of Research in Open and Distance Learning.  3:227-260. 2012-06-01
    2012-01-01 Qualitative Analysis of Student Perceptions of ePortfolios in a teacher education programJournal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education.  28:99-107. 2012-01-01
    2012-01-01 Use of ePortfolios in K-12 teacher hiring in North Carolina: Perspectives of school principalsInternational Journal of Education Policy and Leadership.  7. 2012-01-01
    2010-01-01 Creating and sustaining a culture of assessmentPlanning for Higher Education.  38:28-39. 2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 Do you teach in a Virtual Classroom? Measuring student's perceptions of the features and characteristicsInternational Journal of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning.  7:17-28. 2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 Effects of a 3-D Video Game on Middle School Student Achievement and Attitude in MathematicsThe Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology.  4. 2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 Mentoring practices to keep teachers in schoolsInternational Journal of Evidence Based coaching and Mentoring.  8:111-123. 2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 Validation of the Electronic Portfolio Student Perspective Instrument (EPSPI): Conditions under a different integration initiativeJournal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education.  26:111-119. 2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 Virtual classroom, actual sustainabilityThe Knowledge Tree2010-01-01
    2010-01-01 What is Dimension-M? Can it help students struggling in math?Learning and Leading with Technology.  38:28-30. 2010-01-01
    2009-11-01 Keeping our Teachers! Investigating mentoring practices to support and retain novice educatorsMentoring & Tutoring: Partnership in Learning.  17:329-341. 2009-11-01
    2009-01-01 Empowerment, leadership, and teachers' intentions in North Carolina charter schools.Journal of School Choice.  4:174-190. 2009-01-01
    2008-11-01 Teacher empowerment and school leadership in North Carolina's charter schools.Charter School Resource Journal.  N/A:12. 2008-11-01
    2005-09-01 Effect size: Definition and applicationAthletic Therapy Today.  10:53-55. 2005-09-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2012-01-01 An examination of two contexts in ePortfolio integration in teacher education programs from a student perspective: Does context matter?.  Creating Technology-Rich Teacher Education Programs: Key Issues. IGI Global. 2012-01-01
    2011-01-01 Measuring success in a synchronous virtual classroom.  Student satisfaction and learning outcomes in e-Learning: An introduction to empirical research, IGI Global. 2011-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2010-01-01 Virtual Training at an Indian Call CentureCases on Globalized and Culturally Appropriate E-Learning: Challenges and Solutions. IGI Global. 2010-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2010-01-01 Mentoring and Retaining our TeachersCREATE. 4. 2010-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2012-04-01 Hill Center Regional Education Model: Evaluation results of the Hill Reading Achievement Program in Brunswick County Schools. 2012-04-01
    2012-04-01 The Hill Reading Achievement Program in Carteret County Schools: Final evaluation results (2008-2011). 2012-04-01
    2005-01-01 Technical report on the national study on continuing education. 2005-01-01
    2005-01-01 Technical report on the national study on students in continuing education. 2005-01-01

    Working Paper

    Year Title Altmetric
    2004-01-01 Executive summary: National study of continuing educationCenter for the Study of Higher Education. 2004-01-01


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  • Michele A Parker