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2023-01-01 The Effect of Catholic Education on Economic IdeologyReligions.  14. 2023-01-01
2019-07-01 Validating the Effectiveness of a Locally Developed Assurance of Learning AssessmentJournal of Education for Business.  95:216-226. 2019-07-01
2019-03-01 Capitalist Views and ReligionEastern Economic Journal.  45:384-414. 2019-03-01
2018-12-01 Factors Explaining Spanish Student Performance in Introductory Finance and Economics ClassesJournal of Financial Education.  44:324-343. 2018-12-01
2018-05-01 Regional innovation and firm performanceJournal of Business Research.  88:357-362. 2018-05-01
2017-11-01 Business School Grading on Both Sides of the AtlanticJournal of Business Research.  69:5106-5110. 2017-11-01
2017-01-01 Honor Codes and Perceptions of CheatingJournal of Economics and Finance Education.  16:40-54. 2017-01-01
2016-12-01 Capitalism and crime in the classroom: An analysis of academic dishonesty and latent student attitudesJournal of Education for Business.  91:23-31. 2016-12-01
2016-10-01 NCAA basketball: when does recruiting talent translate into wins for power conferences?Journal of Economics and Finance.  40:735-753. 2016-10-01
2015-06-01 Determining the Propensity for Academic Dishonesty Using Decision Tree AnalysisEthics and Behavior.  26:470-487. 2015-06-01
2015-05-01 Faculty Observables and Self-Reported Responsiveness to Academic DishonestyAdministrative Issues Journal.  5:89-104. 2015-05-01
2013-10-01 Sleep Deprivation and Finance Student PerformanceJournal of Financial Education.  39:31-46. 2013-10-01
2013-04-01 It's the students, stupid: How perceptions of student reporting impact cheatingThe American Economist.  58:51-59. 2013-04-01
2013-03-01 Using the Scenario Method to Analyze Cheating BehaviorsJournal of Academic Ethics.  11:17-33. 2013-03-01
2011-04-01 Are My Colleagues Soft on (Academic) Crime?Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research.  12:55-64. 2011-04-01
2011-04-01 Hurricane Risk and Coastal Property Owner ChoicesInternational Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment / Emerald.  2. 2011-04-01
2011-01-01 The Impact of Recruiting on NCAA Basketball SuccessApplied Economics Letters.  18:795-798. 2011-01-01
2010-11-01 Instructional Issues Confronting the Finance Professor and the Working Student Enrolled in an Early Morning ClassJournal of Instructional Techniques in Finance.  1-5. 2010-11-01
2010-01-01 The Finance Professor Teaching an Early Morning ClassJournal of Instructional Techniques.  1. 2010-01-01
2009-10-01 Home-Buyer Sentiment and Hurricane LandfallsThe Appraisal Journal.  77:338-347. 2009-10-01
2008-01-01 Coastal Homeowner Responses to Hurricane Risk PerceptionsJournal of Housing Research.  17:49-60. 2008-01-01
2007-07-01 Valuing the Recreational Benefits of Sculpture in Public ParksJ. of Park and Recreation Administration.  25:29-41. 2007-07-01
2007-01-01 Illicit Drugs and Economics: Examples for the Principles ClassroomJournal of Economics and Finance Education.  5:52-63. 2007-01-01
2007-01-01 Self-Reports of Student Cheating: Does a Definition of Cheating Matter?The Journal of Economic Education.  38:3-16. 2007-01-01
2006-01-01 Do Weight-Based Penalties Contribute to the Drug Problem? A Theoretical AnalysisEastern Economic Journal.  32:629-46. 2006-01-01
2005-01-01 Student Quantitative Literacy: Importance, Measurement, and Correlation with Economic LiteracyAmerican Economist.  49:49-65. 2005-01-01
2005-01-01 The Impact of Law Enforcement on Undergraduate Drunkenness and Drunk Driving: Survey ResultsSouthern Business and Economic Journal.  28:77-87. 2005-01-01
2004-01-01 That's Not Cheating, If It?: An Analysis of Student Definitions of CheatingJournal on Excellence in College Teaching.  15:129-151. 2004-01-01
2003-01-01 Does Alcohol Purity Impact Undergraduate Drinking?Southern Business and Economic Journal.  26:158-170. 2003-01-01
2002-08-01 Impact of Low-Intensity Hurricanes on Regional Economic ActivityNatural Hazards Review.  3:118-125. 2002-08-01
2002-01-01 Catastrophic risk, homeowner response, and wealth-maximizing wind damage mitigationThe Financial Services Review.  11:327-340. 2002-01-01
2001-10-01 Determinants of Economics Homework PerformanceThe Journal of Economics and Economics Education Research.  2:13-20. 2001-10-01
2001-03-01 The Cost of Coastal Storm Surge Damage ReductionCost Engineering,.  43:38-44. 2001-03-01


Year Title Altmetric
2005-01-01 Impacts of Insurance Deductibles and Hurricane Damage Perceptions on Mitigation Choices.  Nova Science Publishing. 115-123. 2005-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2010-10-01 Hurricanes and Homeowner Decision MakingJournal of Financial and Economic Practice. 1-11. 2010-10-01


Year Title Altmetric
2015-11-01 Speed Bumps: Reduced Speeds And Lowered Housing ValuesGreater Wilmington Business Journal. 2015-11-01


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  • Robert T Burrus