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Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2024-04-01 Securitizing Earnings of College Tennis Players Turning Professional – Rally or Racket?Journal of Alternative Investments.  1-25. 2024-04-01
2020-11-01 Retirement ChallengesJournal of Compensation and Benefits2020-11-01
2016-10-01 Is wagering on the highest paid football coaches a good bet?Business Quest (B>Quest).  1-13. 2016-10-01
2015-05-01 The Financial Crisis and the Wealth-impact of Liquidity Infusions for Publicly-traded BanksAcademy of Economics and Finance Journal.  5:25-30. 2015-05-01
2014-01-01 Capital Structure Response to Stock Return FluctuationsInternational Research Journal of Applied Finance.  5:1-48. 2014-01-01
2013-10-01 Market Efficiency and Behaviorial Biases in SEC Football: The Over-Under WagerAcademy of Economics and Finance Journal.  4:15-21. 2013-10-01
2013-01-01 Stock Price Behavior of Acquiriers and Targets Due to M&A AnnouncementsIranian Economic Review.  2013. 2013-01-01
2011-05-01 Effects of Foreign Ownership on Payout Policy: Evidence from the Korean MarketJournal of Financial Markets.  14:344-375. 2011-05-01
2010-12-01 The Significance and Certification of Shelf Registration Offerings.Southern Business and Economic Journal.  33. 2010-12-01
2010-11-01 Instructional Issues Confronting the Finance Professor and the Working Student Enrolled in an Early Morning ClassJournal of Instructional Techniques in Finance.  1-5. 2010-11-01
2010-10-01 Herding by Foreign Investors and Emerging Market Equity Returns: Evidence from KoreaInternational Review of Economics and Finance.  19:698-710. 2010-10-01
2010-01-01 The Finance Professor Teaching an Early Morning ClassJournal of Instructional Techniques.  1. 2010-01-01
2008-07-01 The Naked TruthJournal of Trading.  46-59. 2008-07-01
The Efficacy of Regulation SHO in Resolving Naked ShortsJournal of Financial Regulation and Compliance.  12:72-98.


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  • Clay M Moffett