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2022-09-01 A Nuanced Analysis of Salesperson Grit: Exploring Perseverance, Consistency, and Mind-setJournal of Business-to-Business Marketing.  29:271-291. 2022-09-01
2022-05-01 Selling the value: Perceptions of value from key stakeholders in university sales centersJournal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science.  1-20. 2022-05-01
2022-01-01 Winning Isn’t Everything: How to Create Customer Delight Even if the Outcome is UnsuccessfulEuropean Journal of Marketing2022-01-01
2021-07-01 Talking together: using intercollegiate podcasts for increased engagement in marketing educationMarketing Education Review.  1-6. 2021-07-01
2020-10-01 Fexit: The effect of political and promotional communication from friends and family on Facebook exiting intentions.Journal of Business Research.  122:321-334. 2020-10-01
2020-06-01 One Size Doesn’t Fit All: a Uses And Gratifications Analysis of Social Media PlatformsJournal of Research in Interactive Marketing2020-06-01
2020-01-01 One Size Doesn’t Fit All: A Uses and Gratifications Analysis of Social MediaJournal of Research in Interactive Marketing.  14:269-284. 2020-01-01
2018-09-01 Intercollegiate Sales Role Play: Bringing Differential Cultures and a Sense of the Unknown into the Sales ClassroomJournal for Advancement of Marketing Education2018-09-01
2018-01-01 Experiential Purchase Quality : Exploring the Dimensions and Outcomes of Highly Memorable Experiential PurchasesJournal of Service Research2018-01-01
2018-01-01 Idiosyncratic Service Experiences: When Customers Desire the Extraordinary in a Service EncounterJournal of Business Research.  84:150-161. 2018-01-01
2017-03-01 #IHateYourBrand: Effects of Adaptive Service Recovery Strategies on TwitterJournal Services of Marketing.  31:281-294. 2017-03-01
2017-01-01 #IHateYourBrand: Adaptive Service Recovery Strategies on TwitterJournal of Services Marketing.  31:281-294. 2017-01-01
2015-01-01 Exploring the Facebook Like: A Product and Service PerspectiveJournal of Research in Interactive Marketing.  9:337-354. 2015-01-01


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  • Mark J Pelletier