Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2024-03-01 Interprofessional Simulations to Promote Spring Break Safety and Cultural Awareness for Healthcare StudentsInternational Journal of Healthcare Simulation.  1-8. 2024-03-01
2020-09-01 It's Time to GO! Unfolding Interprofessional Simulation to Promote Health Team CommunicationsAdvances in Social Work.  20:338-354. 2020-09-01
2017-10-01 If I don’t Take Care of Myself, I Can’t take Care of Them: Exploring Caregiving Grandmother’s Experiences of a 9-Session Self-Care CurriculumGrandFamilies: The Contemporary Journal of Research, Practice and Policy.  4:52-70. 2017-10-01
2016-07-01 Advanced Care Planning in South Korea: Social Work PerspectiveSocial Work in Health Care.  55:545-558. 2016-07-01
2016-07-01 Using Interactive Theater to Improve Provider-Family Communication and Promote Interprofessional Education and Practice in Palliative CareJournal of Interprofessional Education & Practice.  4:15-20. 2016-07-01
2016-05-01 We have to talk: Inter-professional simulation for delivering bad newsClinical Simulation in Nursing.  12:320-327. 2016-05-01
2014-01-01 Age of Persons Supported and Factors Predicting Intended Staff Turnover: A Comparative StudyInclusion.  2:316-328. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 The Attitudes of Social Work Students towards End-of-Life Care PlanningJournal of End-of-Life and Palliative Care.  10:240-256. 2014-01-01
2013-04-01 Legislative Advocacy and Human Service Nonprofit: What are we doing?Journal of Public Policy.  12:87-106. 2013-04-01
2012-10-01 (1) Evaluating the effectiveness of an intervention for children exposed to domestic violence: A preliminary program evaluation.Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal.  29:357-372. 2012-10-01
2012-01-01 Evolution of a Virus: Framing HIV/AIDS in Social Work Journals.Social Work.  57:371-376. 2012-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2019-12-01 Gerontological Social Work and the Grand Challenges: Focusing on Policy and Practice.  Springer Publishing. 2019-12-01


Year Title Altmetric
2019-12-01 Advance Long and Productive Lives -- Gerontological Social Work and the Grand Challenges Focusing on Policy and Practice.  Springer Publishing. 47-60. 2019-12-01
2019-07-01 Social Workers Researchers Go to Camp -- Not Just for Play: Summer Camp and The Profession of Social Work.  Oxford University Press. 2019-07-01
2014-01-01 Promoting Wellness and Quality of Life: Caregiver Stress. -- Encyclopedia of Primary Prevention and Health Promotion, second edition.  Springer Publishing. 2014-01-01
2012-01-01 Mutual Exchange within Skipped Generation Households: How Grandfamilies Support One Another. -- Growing up with a depressed parent: Examining avenues of social support as a pathway to psychosocial well-being.  Routledge. 121-133. 2012-01-01
2011-01-01 The Bountiful Model: Place, Reminiscence and the Gerontological Nurse -- Aging Well:Gerontological Education for Nurses and Other Health Professionals.  Jones & Bartlett Publishing. 2011-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2017-11-01 Student-directed learning in multi-day simulation using interprofessional collaborative care teamsATRA Annual in Therapeutic Recreation. 137. 2017-11-01
2017-01-01 Why I joined NASW AgainNASW Monthly Newsletter. 2017-01-01


Research Overview

  • Grandfamilies, Retirement, caregiving, burn survivorship
  • Co-principal Investigator On

  • ETEAL 2015-01-01 - 2015-06-01
  • Corbett Charitable Trust 2014-06-01 - 2015-05-01
  • Mindfulness-Based Self-Care (MBSC): A Curriculum for Custodial Grandparent Caregivers 2014-06-01 - 2014-12-01
  • Teaching Overview

  • Gerontology, policy
  • Full Name

  • Stacey Robin Kolomer