• Amrita Das specializes in US Latinx literature and culture. She also has an interest in contemporary Latin American and Caribbean literature.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

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    2024-04-01 From Aztlán to Mictlán: New Border Crossings in Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez’s Nocturno de frontera and Yuri Herrera’s Señales que precederán al fin del mundoHispanofila.  200:81-98. 2024-04-01
    2024-01-01 Consume the United States at Your Own Risk! Daniel Alarcón’s crónicas in Etiqueta Negra.Hispanic Studies Review.  8. 2024-01-01
    2012-12-01 Contesting Identity: Achy Obejas' Memory Mambo.Letras Femenina2012-12-01
    2012-06-01 Negotiating a New Identity for US Latino Literature in Achy Obejas's RuinsLabel Me Latina/o.  25. 2012-06-01
    2011-02-01 Gaze of the Outsider/Insider: US Latino Authors writing of Latin America.Hipertexto.  13:159-167. 2011-02-01
    2008-06-01 Global Health and Politics: Julia Alvarez' Saving the World.Coastal Review.  2. 2008-06-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2019-09-01 Teatro latino: Nuevas obras de los Estados Unidos.  La Casita Grande. 2019-09-01
    2018-11-01 Contemporary US Latinx Literature in Spanish: Straddling Identities.  Palgrave Macmillan. 2018-11-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2016-08-01 The Imagined World of Latin/o America in Sam no es mi tío -- (Re)mapping the Latina/o Literary Landscape.  Palgrave McMillan. 53-72. 2016-08-01
    2015-02-01 Daniel Alarcón’s Lima: Articulation of Transnationalism Through a Discursive and Geographical Space. -- Negotiating Latinidades, Understanding Identities within Space Introduction.  Cambridge Scholars. 31-48. 2015-02-01
    2013-02-01 Environmental Crisis and the Male Culture in Marie Arana's Cellophane.  Global Issues in Contemporary Hispanic Women's Writings. 124-139. 2013-02-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2019-01-01 Ecos urbanos: La literatura en español del siglo XXI de los Estados UnidosHostos Review/Revista Hostosiana. 2019-01-01
    2010-12-01 Review of Capetillo, Luisa. Absolute Equality: An Early Feminist Perspective Influencias de las ideas modernasConfluencia:Special Edition: “Chicana/o Literature: From the Foundational Period to the Current Global Era.”. 190-191. 2010-12-01
    2008-07-01 Book Review of Pelo bueno, pelo malo by Carmen MontanezLetras Femeninas. 262-263. 2008-07-01


    Research Overview

  • U.S. Latinx cultures
  • Principal Investigator On

  • NEH/ALA Latino Americans Grant 2015-07-01 - 2016-06-01
  • CTE Engaged Teaching Fellow 2010-01-01 - 2011-01-01
  • Teaching Overview

  • U.S. Latinx Literature
    Contemporary Latin American Literature
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  • Amrita Das