• Jordan grew up playing soccer with his four brothers in Tonawanda, New York. This led to his athletic pursuit and ultimately his Doctoral Dissertation: Adapted Fitness for Individuals with Disabilities
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    2018-05-01 A Qualitative Investigation of the "I Can Do It" ProgramResearch Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.  89:1. 2018-05-01


    Research Overview

  • Adapted Fitness, Mentor/Mentee Relationships through Adapted Physical Activity, Portable Nutrition Lab, Adapted Physical Activity Programs, Yoga and Mobility Physiology
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    Teaching Overview

  • Adapted Physical Activity, Yoga, Mobility Seminars, Breathing Education, Meditation, Advanced Personal Training, Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesology, Biomechanics, Training Systems, Physical Education K-12, Health Education and Promotion
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  • Jordan Aaron Weber