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2023-03-01 Stress-Related Biofeedback Responses After Reiki and Sound Healing Therapies for Breast Cancer SurvivorsJournal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.  21:HSR23-115. 2023-03-01
2023-02-01 Validation of an Accelerometer-Based Gait Assessment: Establishing Test-Retest Reliability, Convergent Validity, and Predictive Validity for Concussion Symptom EndorsementJournal of Concussion.  7. 2023-02-01
2022-12-01 Efficacy of Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) 12-Week Virtual Exercise ProgramMilitary Medicine.  12. 2022-12-01
2022-08-01 Efficacy of a 6-Week Suspension Training Exercise Program on Fitness Components in Older AdultsInternational Journal of Exercise Science.  15:1168-1178. 2022-08-01
2020-12-01 The Effects of Acute Water Ingestion on Body Composition Analyses via Dual-Energy X-Ray AbsorptiometryClinical Nutrition.  39:3836-3838. 2020-12-01
2020-01-01 Fitness-Related Benefits: Land-Based versus Aqua-BaseThe Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.  60:26-31. 2020-01-01
2019-01-01 Ergogenic Effect of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation during Rest and Submaximal ExerciseInternational Journal of Exercise Science.  12:203-213. 2019-01-01
2017-05-01 Rollers versus Trainers: 10-Km Time TrialInternational Journal of Exercise Science.  10:497-505. 2017-05-01
2016-12-01 Relationship between Neck Circumference and Abdominal Adiposity in Young Adult Males and FemalesRheumatology and Orthopedic Medicine.  1:1-4. 2016-12-01
2016-05-01 Effectiveness of TENS on Quadriceps Muscular Endurance during Weight Bearing ExerciseAnnals of Sports Medicine and Research.  3:1071. 2016-05-01
2013-11-01 Waist-to-Height Ratio and Body Mass Index as Indicators of Cardiovascular Risk in YouthJournal of School Health.  83:805-809. 2013-11-01
2013-01-01 The Validity of 7-Site Skinfold Measurements Taken by Exercise Science StudentsInternational Journal of Exercise Science.  6:20-28. 2013-01-01
2010-10-01 Validity and reliability of the BOD POD® S/T tracking systemInternational Journal of Sports Medicine.  31:704-708. 2010-10-01
2008-01-01 Influence of gait manipulation on running economy in female distance runnersJournal of Sports Science and Medicine.  91:91-95. 2008-01-01
2005-01-01 Within- and between-day stability of treadmill walking VO2 in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, stability of walking VO2 in children with CP.Gait & posture.  21:80-4. 2005-01-01
2005-01-01 Within- and between-day stability of treadmill walking VO2 in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, stability of walking VO2 in children with cerebral palsyGait and Posture.  22:177-181. 2005-01-01
2004-01-01 Comparison of direct and indirect measures of walking energy expenditure in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsyDevelopmental Medicine and Child Neurology.  46:320-324. 2004-01-01
2004-01-01 Interrelationships among thigh muscle co-contraction, quadriceps muscle strength, and the aerobic demand of walking in children with cerebral palsyElectromyography and Clinical Neurophysiology.  44:103-110. 2004-01-01
2004-01-01 Longitudinal stratification of gait economy in young boys and girls: The Locomotion Energy and Growth StudyEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology.  91:30-34. 2004-01-01
2004-01-01 Perceived exertion: Absence of signal dominance in female and male children using the OMNI (Walk/Run) scalePediatric Exercise Science.  16:334-342. 2004-01-01
2002-12-01 Prediction of the aerobic demand of walking in childrenMedicine and science in sports and exercise.  34:2097-2102. 2002-12-01
2002-11-01 Comparison between preferred and energetically-optimal transition speeds in adolescentsEuropean Journal of Applied Physiology.  88:117-121. 2002-11-01
2002-06-01 Longitudinal profiles of oxygen uptake during treadmill walking in able-bodied children: the locomotion energy and growth studyGait & posture.  15:230-5. 2002-06-01
2002-01-01 Prediction of the aerobic demand of walking in children: the locomotion energetics and growth studyMedicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.  34:2097-2102. 2002-01-01
2000-01-01 Metabolic accommodation of young children to treadmill walkingGait and Posture.  12:139-142. 2000-01-01
2000-01-01 Perceived stress and blood pressure in early adolescent childrenAnnals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.  22:65-70. 2000-01-01
2000-01-01 Psychological stress, hypertension, and cardiovascular risk in childrenAnnals of Behavioral Medicine.  22:65-70. 2000-01-01
2000-01-01 Stability of running economy in young childrenInternational Journal of Sports Medicine.  13:145-151. 2000-01-01
1999-01-01 Sex differences in running economy of young childrenPediatric Exercise Science.  11:122-128. 1999-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
1997-01-01 Acquisition of stable treadmill walking mechanics in young children.  Children and Exercise XIX. 217-226. 1997-01-01


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