Selected Publications

Academic Article

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2011-10-01 Book Review: Media and Middle Class Moms: Images and Realities of Work and FamilyGender & Society.  25:669-671. 2011-10-01
2011-04-01 Reel Culture (bi-monthly column)TILT: Therapeutic Innovations in Light of Technology2011-04-01
2010-05-01 Mothering, Guilt and ShameSociology Compass.  4. 2010-05-01
2003-01-01 “Religion, Spirituality and Alternative Health Practices: The Baby Boomer and Cold War CohortsJournal of Religion and Health.  42:315-338. 2003-01-01


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2012-04-01 Cinematic Sociology: Social Life in Film (2nd edition).  Sage: Pine Forge. 2012-04-01


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2012-07-01 The Reel Girls Project: Self, Image, Adolescence, and Filmmaking -- Public Sociology : Research, Action, and Change.  Pine Force Press; SAGE. 200-205. 2012-07-01
2008-01-01 Ideal Mama, Ideal Worker: Negotiating Guilt and Shame in Academe.  Rutgers University Press. 2008-01-01


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2007-01-01 Do Men Mother? Fatherhood, Care, and Domestic Responsibility; Andrea DoucetMen and Masculinities. 251-253. 2007-01-01


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2007-01-01 Distance Credentialed Counselor Mental Health DCC-MH Training Handbook.ReadyMinds, LLC. 2007-01-01


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2007-05-01 Having a Healthy and Happy RelationshipGeorgia Valley Living. 2007-05-01
2007-03-01 Siblings and Siblings DayGeorgia Valley Living. 2007-03-01


Research Overview

  • Sociology through Film; Mothering, guilt and shame; work and family conflicts
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  • Summer Research Initiative 2010-04-01 - 2010-07-01
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    Teaching Overview

  • Introduction to Sociology; Sociology of Gender; Sociology through Film; Sociology of the Family; MA Proseminar; Social Psychology
  • Full Name

  • Jean-Anne Sutherland