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Academic Article

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2024-04-01 Narcissism Dynamics and Auditor SkepticismThe Journal of Business Ethics2024-04-01
2021-08-01 The Effect of iXBRL Formatted Financial Statements on the Effectiveness of Managers' Decisions When Making Inter-Firm ComparisonsJournal of Information Systems.  35:144-177. 2021-08-01
What do taxpayers prefer: Lower taxes or a better year-end position? A research noteThe Journal of Accounting and Public Policy/Elsevier/Elsevier.  41:106902.


Year Title Altmetric
2023-03-01 The ESG “Halo Effect”: Raising the Bar for Public Companies’ Commitment to Environmental and Social Change -- WilmingtonBiz Insights (blog)2023-03-01

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  • Steven Edward Kaszak