Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020-10-01 Family Nurse Practitioner Students’ Knowledge and Experience of Health Literacy StrategiesInternational Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research.  3:1-4. 2020-10-01
2020-06-01 Assessing Health Literacy Knowledge and Practice for a PACE ProgramJournal of Gerontological Nursing/ SLACK Publishing.  46:12-18. 2020-06-01
2020-01-01 Improving Health Literacy at the Organizational LevelJournal of Doctoral Nursing Practice.  13:79-83. 2020-01-01
2018-09-01 Building Interprofessional Student Teams for Impactful Community Service LearningJournal of Interprofessional Education and Practice.  12:83-85. 2018-09-01
2017-05-01 Wiles, L. L., & Isibel, D. (2017). Rising from the Rubble: A Capstone Simulation Integrating Leadership and Clinical Skills. Nursing Education Perspectives, 38(3), 162-164.Nursing Education Perspectives.  38:162-164. 2017-05-01

Audio-visual Document

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2020-11-01 Health Literacy: Organizational Structure and Health Care delivery systemsSage Publishing. 2020-11-01


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-- Finkeleman, A., & Kenner, C. (2010). Professional Nursing Concepts: Competencies for Quality Leadership. Boston, Massachusetts: Jones & Bartlett.


Research Overview

  • Health Literate Organizations
    Health Literacy
    Health promotion and Health prevention in the community
  • Teaching Overview

  • Community/Public Health
    Nursing Leadership and Management
    Health Policy
    Quality Improvement and Safety
  • Full Name

  • Denise M Isibel