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2024-04-01 Optimal Withdrawal Frequency for Sustainable Retirement WithdrawalsFinancial Planning Review.  7. 2024-04-01
2024-04-01 Securitizing Earnings of College Tennis Players Turning Professional – Rally or Racket?Journal of Alternative Investments.  1-25. 2024-04-01
2022-11-01 Levered and Inverse Exchange-Traded Products: Evidence from SimulationsThe Journal of Alternative Investments.  25. 2022-11-01
2022-10-01 ESG Investment Performance Evaluation: An Integrated ApproachThe Journal of Investment Management.  20:18. 2022-10-01
2022-08-01 ESG Investment Outcomes, Performance Evaluation, and AttributionCFA Institute Research Foundation Research Briefs2022-08-01
2022-01-01 The State of ESG Investing: A Portfolio Management PerspectiveThe Journal of Impact & ESG Investing2022-01-01
2015-01-01 Fire, Ready, Aim: An After-Tax Target Few Have in Their SightsIMCA Investments & Wealth Monitor2015-01-01
2015-01-01 The Future of Wealth Management: Unpicking Where the Puck is GoingGlobal Wealth & Private Banking Review2015-01-01
2014-01-01 The Influence of a Family Business on Portfolio Management: An Asset-Liability Management ApproachJournal of Wealth Management.  17:16. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 The future of wealth management is built on trustGlobal Wealth & Private Banking Review2014-01-01
2013-04-01 The Taxation Paradox: It’s Global, Not LocalJournal of Wealth Management.  15:11. 2013-04-01
2013-01-01 Human Capital and Behavioral Biases: Why Investors Don’t Diversify EnoughJournal of Wealth Management.  16:12. 2013-01-01
2013-01-01 Risk-Sharing Implications for Roth IRA Conversions: Fact and FictionFinancial Services Review.  22:21. 2013-01-01
2013-01-01 Technology and The Family OfficeJournal of Wealth Management.  16:12. 2013-01-01
2012-01-01 Two Key Concepts for Wealth Management and BeyondFinancial Analysts Journal.  68:8. 2012-01-01
2011-01-01 Perspectives from the Literature of Private Wealth ManagementJournal of Wealth Management.  14:32. 2011-01-01
2011-01-01 What Can Wealth Managers Learn from Pension Fund Managers: Applying Asset-Liability Management to the Private ClientWealth Management and Private Banking Review2011-01-01
2010-01-01 Private Wealth Management: A ReviewResearch Foundation of CFA Institute2010-01-01
2009-01-01 (R)evolutionary Forces in Wealth ManagementWealth Management and Private Banking Review2009-01-01
2009-01-01 IRAs Under Progressive Tax Rate Regimes and Income GrowthFinancial Services Review.  18:16. 2009-01-01
2009-01-01 Strategies for Maximizing Social Security Benefits: A ReplyJournal of Wealth Management.  12:3. 2009-01-01
2009-01-01 Tax-Aware Investment Management Practice.  12:17. 2009-01-01
2008-01-01 After-Tax Performance MeasurementJournal of Wealth Management.  11:14. 2008-01-01
2008-01-01 After-Tax Value of AnnuitiesFinancial Services Review.  17:15. 2008-01-01
2008-01-01 Can Third-Party Payments Benefit the Principal? The Case of Soft Dollar BrokerageInternational Review of Law and Economics.  28:21. 2008-01-01
2008-01-01 Tax-Adjusted Portfolio Optimization and Asset Location: Extensions and SynthesisJournal of Wealth Management.  11:17. 2008-01-01
2007-01-01 An Alternative Approach to After-Tax ValuationFinancial Services Review.  16:15. 2007-01-01
2007-01-01 Applying After-Tax Asset AllocationJournal of Wealth Management.  10:9. 2007-01-01
2007-01-01 Principles of After-Tax Asset AllocationWealth Management and Private Banking Review2007-01-01
2006-01-01 Optimal Withdrawal Strategies for Retirees with Multiple Savings AccountsJournal of Financial Planning.  19:13. 2006-01-01
2006-01-01 Withdrawal Location with Progressive Tax RatesFinancial Analysts Journal.  62:10. 2006-01-01
2005-01-01 Tax-Advantaged Savings Accounts and Tax-Efficient Wealth AccumulationResearch Foundation of CFA Institute2005-01-01
2004-01-01 Breakeven Holding Periods for Tax-Advantaged Savings Accounts with Early Withdrawal PenaltiesFinancial Services Review.  13:14. 2004-01-01
2004-01-01 Implied Volatility of Oil Futures Options Surrounding OPEC MeetingsThe Energy Journal.  25:22. 2004-01-01
2003-01-01 Choosing Between Tax-Advantaged Savings Accounts: A Reconciliation of Standardized Pre-tax and After-tax FrameworksFinancial Services Review.  12:18. 2003-01-01
2002-01-01 After-tax Valuation of Tax-Sheltered AssetsFinancial Services Review.  11:23. 2002-01-01
2002-01-01 The Effect of Incomplete Markets: Evidence from the Issuance of Convertible SecuritiesThe Journal of Accounting and Finance Research.  10. 2002-01-01
2001-01-01 A Re-examination of Tax-deductible IRAs, Roth IRAs, and 401(k) InvestmentsFinancial Services Review.  10:13. 2001-01-01
2001-01-01 What Did Equity Index Options Tell Us About the Y2K Computer Bug?The Journal of Accounting and Finance Research.  9:12. 2001-01-01
2000-01-01 A Protocol for Using Electronic Messaging for Academic Committee DeliberationsJournal of Higher Education Policy and Management.  22:10. 2000-01-01
2000-01-01 The Welfare Effects of Soft Dollar Brokerage: Law and EconomicsResearch Foundation of the Association of Investment Management and Research (now CFA Institute)2000-01-01
1998-01-01 A Comparison of Indexing and Beta among Pension and Non-pension AssetsJournal of Financial Research.  21:20. 1998-01-01
1997-01-01 An Analysis of Nondeductible IRA Contributions and Roth IRA ConversionsFinancial Services Review.  6:13. 1997-01-01


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