• Born in Britain, I was raised in South Africa and Australia. I came to the USA in 2009, and moved to Wilmington in August, 2012.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2024-01-01 Considering Invasive Alien Species as a Food Source: Current Motivations and Future Implications for Controlling through ConsumptionGeographical Review2024-01-01
    2023-05-01 Examining the Impacts of ‘Local’ Concessions at Major League Baseball StadiumsResearch in Hospitality Management.  12:247-254. 2023-05-01
    2023-03-01 An Analysis of Students’ Attitudes and Behaviors Towards On-campus Sustainable Dining InitiativesInternational Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education.  24:1524-1539. 2023-03-01
    2022-12-01 Online Food Marketplaces & the Fetishization of Local: The Case for NarratologyDigital Geography & Society.  4. 2022-12-01
    2022-05-01 A toponymy of American summer camps: Onscreen stereotypes or symbols ripe for change?Journal of American Culture.  45:139-154. 2022-05-01
    2021-10-01 Transitioning a Hotel and Lodging Management Undergraduate Course from Face-to-Face to AsynchronousSCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education.  1-2. 2021-10-01
    2021-08-01 Adapting a Presentation-Based Assignment for a Hospitality Management Operation CourseSCHOLE: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education.  38:96-97. 2021-08-01
    2021-03-01 Eating Invasives: Chefs as an Avenue to Control through ConsumptionFood, Culture, Society.  25:108-125. 2021-03-01
    2020-09-01 The impact of gender on perception of risk during exerciseThe Sport Journal.  1-8. 2020-09-01
    2019-05-01 Examining Student Wellness for the Development of Campus-Based Wellness ProgramsBuilding Healthy Academic Communities Journal.  3:58-68. 2019-05-01
    2018-03-01 Exploring the Economic Significance of the Surfer Traveler by Direct SpendingJournal of Destination Marketing and Management.  7:164-169. 2018-03-01
    2017-10-01 An examination of a social tourism business in Granada, NicaraguaTourism Review2017-10-01
    2017-06-01 Exploring the differences in a community’s perception of tourists and tourism developmentTourism Planning & Development.  15:382-397. 2017-06-01
    2016-11-01 A Pilot Study Applying Social Cognitive Theory to Predict HPV Vaccination Intentions of Unvaccinated College WomenAmerican Journal of Sexuality Education.  11:287-305. 2016-11-01
    2015-08-01 Physical activity and wellness: Applied learning through collaborationStrategies: A Journal for Physical and Sport Educators.  28:47-49. 2015-08-01
    2014-11-01 Profiling the Gen Y touristAn International Interdisciplinary Journal Tourism.  62:323-330. 2014-11-01
    2014-05-01 Climate and tourism: Generational differences and effects on satisfactionJournal of Tourism and Hospitality Management.  2:198-211. 2014-05-01
    2013-04-01 A Delphi Study Identifying Indicators and Criteria for Physically Active Communities for Youth 10-14 Years OldLARNet.  16:1-11. 2013-04-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2017-04-01 Using Applied Learning to Make Research Relevant -- Applied Learning in Higher Education.  UNCW. 51-61. 2017-04-01
    An Elusive Quest in Late Capitalism -- Authenticity and Tourism: Productive Debates, Creative Discourses.  Emerald.


    Year Title Altmetric
    2017-07-01 North Carolina’s Public Beach and Coastal Waterfront Access Program: An Investigation, Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation of the Program’s SuccessNC Division of Coastal Management. 50. 2017-07-01


    Research Overview

  • Tourism as a mechanism for change, Tourism and social justice, tourism and travel health.
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  • Tourism and related industries (hospitality, events, leisure, tourism planning and development, tourism and health)
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  • Alexia F Franzidis