• Born Newark NJ, BS Biology Washington & Lee Univ. 1975, Ph.D. Zoology Duke University, 1981
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2020-04-01 The hidden impacts of phosphorus pollution to streams and rivers.BioScience.  70:315-329. 2020-04-01
    2017-05-01 Micro-zooplankton grazing as a means of fecal bacteria removal in stormwater BMPsWater Science & Technology.  75:2702-2715. 2017-05-01
    2016-06-01 Seismic TestingWrightsville Beach Magazine.  38-39. 2016-06-01
    2016-03-01 Multiple sources of water quality impairment by fecal contamination in a rapidly developing coastal area: Southwest Brunswick County, North Carolina.Environmental Monitoring and Assessment.  188:1-13. 2016-03-01
    2014-07-01 Rapid sub-surface ocean warming in the Bay of Fundy as measured by free-swimming basking sharks.Oceanography.  27:14-16. 2014-07-01
    2014-01-01 Composition and distribution of phosphorus forms in sediments of Greenfield Lake, Wilmington, North CarolinaJournal of the North Carolina Academy of Science.  129:172-179. 2014-01-01
    2013-08-01 Stimulation of fecal bacteria in ambient waters by experimental inputs of organic and inorganic phosphorus.Water Research.  47:3455-3466. 2013-08-01
    2012-12-01 Ecological Risk-O-Meter (Eco-RoM): Quantitative ecological risk assessor and manager software for better decision making.Environmetrics.  23:729-737. 2012-12-01
    2012-10-01 A carotenoid anti-oxidant extracted from bacterial populations in swine waste lagoonsAgricultural Science2012-10-01
    2012-10-01 Phytoplankton productivity in the surf zone of sandy beaches estimated by simultaneous in situ 14C incubations and Fast Repetition Rate FluorometryEstuaries and Coasts2012-10-01
    2012-09-01 El Niño – Southern Oscillation effects on river discharge in the Cape Fear River watershed, North CarolinaJ. North Carolina Academy of Science.  128:74-80. 2012-09-01
    2012-09-01 LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION" should be “ENVIRONMENT, ENVIRONMENT, ENVIRONMENT!”: A Market-Based Tool to Simplify Environmental Considerations in Residential Real Estate.Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal.  6:83-122. 2012-09-01
    2012-01-01 Effects of “ShellBond” on water quality: II. Effects on phytoplankton growthJ. N.C. Academy of Science.  127:259-263. 2012-01-01
    2011-10-01 Preface to “Making the Connection: Translating Science into Effective Coastal Policy”Coastal Management Journal2011-10-01
    2011-10-01 Risks to Coastal Wastewater Collection Systems from Sea Level Rise and Climate Change.Journal of Coastal Research.  27:652-660. 2011-10-01
    2011-10-01 Spill the Beans: GoodGuide, Walmart and EPA use Information as Efficient, Market-Based Environmental RegulationTulane Environmental Law Journal.  24:291-334. 2011-10-01
    2011-01-01 Monsoon effects on biomass and distribution of microphytobenthos in the Cochin Estuary, southwest India.J. N.C. Academy of Science.  127:1-12. 2011-01-01
    2009-03-01 Intelligent Design: Shilling for TheocracyUNCW Ecotone.  special. 2009-03-01
    2009-03-01 The "gift" that keeps on giving: Global warming meets the common lawVermont Journal of Environmental Law.  10:109-179. 2009-03-01
    2009-01-01 Effects of "ShellBond" on water quality: I. laboratory experimentsJournal of the North Carolina Academy of Science.  125:16-22. 2009-01-01
    2009-01-01 Extracts of diatom cultures induce and inhibit larval metamorphosis in the marine gastropod Ilyanassa obsoleta (Say)J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol.  379:51-59. 2009-01-01
    2009-01-01 Phosphorus and carbohydrate limitation of fecal coliform and fecal enterococcus within tidal creek sedimentsHydrobiologia.  636:401-412. 2009-01-01
    2008-01-01 Live benthic diatoms from the upper continental slope: Extending the limits of marine primary productionMarine Ecology Progress Series.  356:103-112. 2008-01-01
    2007-01-01 Biochemical and sediment oxygen demand: patterns of oxygen depletion in tidal creeksHydrobiologia.  586:235-248. 2007-01-01
    2007-01-01 Impacts of a raw sewage spill on water and sediment quality in an urbanized estuaryMarine Pollution Bulletin.  54:81-88. 2007-01-01
    2005-01-01 Contrasting food-web support bases for adjoining river-influenced and non-river influenced continental shelf ecosystemsEstuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science.  62:55-62. 2005-01-01
    2004-01-01 Photosynthetic and heterotrophic impacts of nutrient loading to blackwater streamsEcological Applications.  14:823-838. 2004-01-01
    2003-01-01 Industrialized animal production – a major source of nutrient and microbial pollution to aquatic ecosystemsPopulation and Environment.  24:369-385. 2003-01-01
    2001-01-01 Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus loading on plankton in Coastal Plain blackwater streamsJournal of Freshwater Ecology.  16:455-466. 2001-01-01
    2000-01-01 Evaluating the use of ergosterol as a bioindicator for assessing water qualityEnvironmental Monitoring and Assessment.  65:547-558. 2000-01-01
    2000-01-01 Restoration of shellfishing waters in a tidal creek following limited dredgingJournal of Coastal Research.  16:40-47. 2000-01-01
    2000-01-01 The North and South Carolina coastsMarine Pollution Bulletin.  41:56-75. 2000-01-01
    1999-01-01 Alternation of factors limiting phytoplankton production in the Cape Fear EstuaryEstuaries.  22:985-996. 1999-01-01
    1999-01-01 Nutrient imports to the Cape Fear and Neuse River basins to support animal productionEnvironmental Science and Technology.  33:410-415. 1999-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2011-03-01 Homebuilders took risks, now want us to payWilmington Star News2011-03-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2015-07-01 Microphytobenthos.  Encyclopedia of Estuaries/Springer. 438. 2015-07-01
    2015-07-01 Tychoplankton.  Encyclopedia of Estuaries/Springer. 721. 2015-07-01
    2014-10-01 Coal ash as a cause of water quality impairment. Invited chapter in Food, Energy, and Water: The Nexus.  Elsevier. Chapter 10, pp. 259-272. 2014-10-01
    2013-02-01 Water quality monitoring and environmental risk assessment in a developing coastal region, southeastern North Carolina..  Elsevier. 2013-02-01
    2012-08-01 Neurotransmitters, benthic diatoms and metamorphosis in a marine snail.  Nova Publishers. 1-43. 2012-08-01
    2012-07-01 Water quality monitoring and environmental risk assessment in a developing coastal region, southeastern North Carolina.  Monitoring Water Quality - Pollution Assessment, Analysis and Remediation. 2012-07-01
    2000-01-01 North and South Carolina coasts -- Seas of the Millennium.  Elsevier Science, Ltd.. 341-361. 2000-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2010-02-01 Cement Plant’s Threat to NC FishRaleigh News and Observer. 2010-02-01
    2010-02-01 Wildlife at RiskWilmington Star News. 2010-02-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2013-12-01 Monitoring swine fecal contamination in the Cape Fear River Watershed based on the detection and quantification of hog-specific Bacteroides-Prevotella 16S rRNA genesWater Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. 2013-12-01
    2008-11-01 The potential impacts of climate change on coastal North Carolina: A report by the faculty of the University of North Carolina Wilmington for Erskine Bowles, President, The University of North Carolina.UNC-System Office. 125. 2008-11-01
    2007-01-01 Is there a relationship between phosphorus and fecal microbes in aquatic sediments?Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. 2007-01-01
    2002-01-01 Seeking science-based nutrient standards for coastal blackwater stream systemsWater Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. 2002-01-01
    1998-01-01 Effect of organic and inorganic nutrient loading on photosynthetic and heterotrophic plankton communities in blackwater riversWater Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. 1998-01-01
    1997-01-01 Nutrient limitation and eutrophication potential in the Cape Fear and New River EstuariesWater Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina. 1997-01-01


    Research Overview

  • Ecology of benthic microalgae in aquatic ecosystems. Primary production, nutrient dynamics, zooplankton ecology. Water quality issues, coastal management issues.
  • Teaching Overview

  • Biological Oceanography, Limnology, Environmental Science
  • Full Name

  • Lawrence B Cahoon