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2021-12-01 Dexter: New Blood Review: Skin of Her Teeth (Season 1 Episode 7).Tell-Tale TV2021-12-01
2021-11-01 Saved by the Bell Season 2 Exceeds Expectations While Leaning Heavy on Nostalgia.Tell-Tale TV2021-11-01
2021-10-01 Jesse Spencer Exits Chicago Fire, But For How Long?Tell-Tale TV2021-10-01
2021-09-01 Lucifer: Aimee Garcia on Ella’s Realization and Her Commitment to One Very Funny Scene.Tell-Tale TV2021-09-01
2021-08-01 The composer for ‘This Is Us’ once worried his score sounded ‘too Indian.’ But the emotional music rooted in his own upbringing is at the heart of the show.Insider2021-08-01
2021-05-01 Here’s where everyone ended up at the end of ‘This Is Us’ season 5Insider2021-05-01
2021-04-01 Grey’s Anatomy Review: Breathe (Season 17 Episode 10).Tell-Tale TV2021-04-01
2021-03-01 Jon Huertas on ‘This Is Us’ and When We Could Learn More About Miguel.Tell-Tale TV2021-03-01
2021-02-01 Marina Squerciati Talks ‘Chicago P.D.’ and That Life-Changing Decision for Burgess.Tell-Tale TV2021-02-01
2020-11-01 Big Sky Review: ABC’s New Drama Series Will Take Your Breath Away.Tell-Tale TV2020-11-01
2020-11-01 Chicago Fire: Kara Killmer Breaks Down That Major Brett and Casey Moment.Tell-Tale TV2020-11-01
2020-11-01 The New Saved By The Bell is Culturally Significant and a Masterful Love Letter to the Original SeriesTell-Tale TV2020-11-01
2020-08-01 Kevin Alejandro Discusses ‘Lucifer’ Season 5 and That Pivotal Dan Moment.Tell-Tale TV2020-08-01
2020-08-01 Perry Mason Review: Chapter Eight.Tell-Tale TV2020-08-01
2020-06-01 Lucifer Renewed for Sixth and Final Season at Netflix.Tell-Tale TV2020-06-01
2020-04-01 One Day at a Time Review: Boundaries (Season 4 Episode 3).Tell-Tale TV2020-04-01
2020-03-01 Almost Paradise: Christian Kane Says His New Serious is Here to Take You on a Vacation.Tell-Tale TV2020-03-01
2020-03-01 Ashley’s 15 Most Influential Female TV Characters.Tell-Tale TV2020-03-01
2020-03-01 Grey’s Anatomy Review: Leave a Light On (Season 16 Episode 16).Tell-Tale TV2020-03-01
2020-03-01 Ozark Season 3 Review: Place Your Bets.Tell-Tale TV2020-03-01
2020-03-01 Tom Pelphrey Talks ‘Ozark’ Season 3 and Wendy’s Shocking Decision.Tell-Tale TV2020-03-01
2020-02-01 Jaicy Elliot Talks ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and What’s Ahead for Taryn Helm.Tell-Tale TV2020-02-01
2020-01-01 The Good Place Series Finale Review: Whenever You’re Ready (Season 4 Episodes 13 and 14).Tell-Tale TV2020-01-01
2019-12-01 Nominees for the 25th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards Announced: This is Us, Schitt’s Creek, Fleabag, and More.Tell-Tale TV2019-12-01
2019-12-01 Reprisal Review: Hulu’s New Series is Unique, But That’s Not Enough.Tell-Tale TV2019-12-01
2019-10-01 Chicago Fire: Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo Talk #Stellaride and the Upcoming CrossoverTell-Tale TV.2019-10-01
2019-10-01 Dickinson Review: A Bizarre and Entertaining Take on the Classic Poet.Tell-Tale TV2019-10-01
2019-10-01 El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Review: This is Jesse Pinkman’s Time to Shine.Tell-Tale TV2019-10-01
2019-10-01 One Chicago Crossover Review: InfectionTell-Tale TV2019-10-01
2019-10-01 This is Us Military Advisor James LaPorta Discusses the Inspiration for Cassidy Sharp and Season 4’s Military Storylines.Tell-Tale TV2019-10-01
2019-10-01 When it Comes to the Success of One Chicago, Dick Wolf Says It’s All About the People.Tell-Tale TV.2019-10-01
2019-09-01 Prodigal Son: Lou Diamond Phillips and Halston Sage on What Makes the Series UniqueTell-Tale TV2019-09-01
2019-09-01 Suits Series Finale Review: One Last Con (Season 9 Episode 10).Tell-Tale TV2019-09-01
2019-07-01 Superstore: Lauren Ash on the Evolution of Din and That Heartbreaking Season 4 Finale.Tell-Tale TV2019-07-01
2019-06-01 Eric Dane Previews ‘Euphoria’ and Reflects on ‘The Last Ship’ During the ATX Television FestivalTell-Tale TV.2019-06-01
2019-06-01 Grey’s Anatomy: Elisabeth Finch on Why Jo’s Story Changed and What’s Next for Meredith After That Shocking FinaleTell-Tale TV2019-06-01
2019-06-01 One Day at a Time Saved by Pop TV! Season 4 to Air in 2020.Tell-Tale TV2019-06-01
2019-05-01 The Big Bang Theory Series Finale Review: The Change Constant / The Stockholm Syndrome.Tell-Tale TV2019-05-01
2019-05-01 Whiskey Cavalier Season Finale Review: Czech Mate (Season 1 Episode 13).Tell-Tale TV2019-05-01
2019-04-01 Juliet Landau on ‘Bosch’ Season 5, ‘A Place Among the Dead,’ and the Value of VampiresTell-Tale TV2019-04-01
2019-03-01 Grey’s Anatomy Review: Silent All These Years (Season 15 Episode 19)Tell-Tale TV2019-03-01
2019-03-01 Henry Ian Cusick Previews ‘The Passage’ Season Finale, Reflects on the Legacy of LostTell-Tale TV2019-03-01
2019-03-01 Kim Raver Talks Complex Female Characters on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and Lifetime’s ‘Tempting FateTell-Tale TV2019-03-01
2019-03-01 What We Do in the Shadows Review: This Vampire Comedy Doesn’t SuckTell-Tale TV2019-03-01
2019-02-01 Chicago Fire / Chicago P.D. Crossover Review: ‘What I Saw’ and ‘Good Men,’Tell-Tale TV2019-02-01
2019-02-01 One Day at a Time Is One of the Most Important TV Shows You Can Watch Right NowTell-Tale TV2019-02-01
2019-02-01 Suits Season Finale Review: Harvey (Season 8 Episode 16)Tell-Tale TV2019-02-01
2019-01-01 Rent Live Review: Why the Events of the Fox Production are More Poetic Than You RealizedTell-Tale TV2019-01-01
2018-12-01 Joe Minoso on the Emotional ‘Chicago Fire’ Fall Finale and What’s Next for Cruz.Tell-Tale TV.2018-12-01
2018-12-01 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 Review: Comedy Comes With a PriceTell-Tale TV2018-12-01
2018-11-01 Adam Baldwin Reflects on ‘The Last Ship’ and Previews Series FinaleTell- Tale TV2018-11-01
2018-09-01 15 Things You Need to Know About ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15.Tell-Tale TV2018-09-01
2018-07-01 Suits Review: Right Hand Man (Season 8 Episode 1Tell-Tale TV2018-07-01
2018-07-01 Younger Review: The Bubble (Season 5 Episode 8)Tell-Tale TV2018-07-01
2018-06-01 Interview: Sutton Foster and Peter Hermann Talk ‘Younger’ Season 5 and That Big Reveal.Tell-Tale TV2018-06-01
2018-06-01 Nick Wechsler Talks ‘Shades of Blue’ Season 3 and One of His Most Memorable AuditionsTell-Tale TV2018-06-01
2018-06-01 Vince Gilligan and Bob Odenkirk Discuss Better Call Saul at the ATX Television FestivalTell-Tale TV.2018-06-01
2018-05-01 Matt Lauria Recalls Auditioning for ‘Friday Night Lights’ During the ATX Television Festival [Video].Tell-Tale TV2018-05-01
2018-04-01 Abigail Spencer on ‘Timeless’ and the Importance of Exploring the PastTell-Tale TV2018-04-01
2018-04-01 Grey’s Anatomy Review: Beautiful Dreamer (Season 14 Episode 19)Tell-Tale TV.2018-04-01
2018-03-01 CBS Renews Both SEAL Team and S.W.A.T. for Second SeasonsTell-Tale TV2018-03-01
2018-03-01 Grey’s Anatomy Review: One Day Like This (Season 14 Episode 17)Tell-Tale TV2018-03-01
2017-11-01 Meghan Markle Leaving Suits After Season 7Tell-Tale TV2017-11-01
2017-11-01 Yvonne Strahovski on the Vulnerable Side of Serena Joy in The Handmaid’s TaleTell-Tale TV.2017-11-01
2017-07-01 Devon Sawa Talks Somewhere Between and Reflects on His Experience as Child Actor.Tell-Tale TV2017-07-01
2017-07-01 Robert Palmer Watkins Talks General Hospital, His New Film Last Three Days, and the Personal Struggle He’s Overcome.Tell-Tale TV2017-07-01
2017-06-01 TV Producers Discuss How the Election of Trump Affected Their ShowsTell-Tale TV2017-06-01
2016-10-01 Rectify: J. Smith-Cameron Says Series Will End in a ‘Satisfying Way.Tell- Tale TV2016-10-01
2016-09-01 Suits Review: The Hand That Feeds You (Season 13 Episode 13).Tell-Tale TV2016-09-01
2016-06-01 Hart Hanson Talks Bones Season 12, Favorite Squinterns, The Finder, and More.Tell-Tale TV2016-06-01
2016-03-01 Castle Review: And Justice For All (Season 8 Episode 13)Tell-Tale TV2016-03-01
2016-01-01 Exclusive Interview with The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story’s Dale Godboldo.Tell-Tale TV2016-01-01
2015-10-01 Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 2 Review: Walking Tall.TV Fanatic2015-10-01
2015-09-01 Castle’s Susan Sullivan Previews a Quirky Season 8Tell-Tale TV2015-09-01
2015-08-01 Rectify Review: Girl Jesus (Season 3 Episode 4).Tell-Tale TV2015-08-01
2015-06-01 Liza Weil Talks Gilmore Girls, How to Get Away With Murder, and Krav Maga.Tell-Tale TV2015-06-01
2015-05-01 Mad Men Series Finale Review: Person to Person.Tell-Tale TV2015-05-01
2015-03-01 The Big Bang Theory Season 8 Episode 18 Review: The Leftover Thermalization.TV Fanatic2015-03-01
2014-12-01 Bones Season 10 Episode 10 Review: The 200th in the 10thTV Fanatic2014-12-01

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