Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2021-01-01 China Opposing Nuclear Nonproliferation: A Rational Policy with an Ideological Mask.Journal of Asian and African Studies.  56:300–319. 2021-01-01
2019-01-01 A Nuclear-armed North Korea without ICBMs: The Best Achievable ObjectiveThe Nonproliferation Review.  26:143–153. 2019-01-01
2017-01-01 The Political Economy of Judicial Corruption in China: A Spatial RelationshipEast Asia: an International Quarterly.  34:63–78.. 2017-01-01
2015-01-01 From Opponent to Proponent: The Rational Evolution of China’s Nuclear Nonproliferation PolicyAsian Politics & Policy.  7:283–301. 2015-01-01
Deterrence or Coercion: Analyzing DPRK’s Nuclear Intentions with its Propaganda TextsJournal of Asian and African Studies


Year Title Altmetric
2018-01-01 Why the United States Needs North Korea to Stay NuclearNational Interest. 2018-01-01


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  • Hongyu Zhang