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2021-07-01 Definiteness Systems and Dialect ClassificationLanguages.  Classification of Arabic Dialects: Traditional Approaches, New Proposals, and Methodological Problems:3. 2021-07-01
The Arabic of Mal’abat al-Kafīf az-Zarhūnī (Morocco, 14th century)Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik


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2020-12-01 Moroccan Arabic -- The Semitic Languages.  Routledge. 2020-12-01
2017-12-01 An Integrated Moroccan and Modern Standard Arabic Curriculum for 1st-Year Learners -- Arabic as One Language: Integrating the Dialect in the Arabic Curriculum.  Georgetown University Press. 2017-12-01
Double-Demonstrative Reinforcement in Moroccan Arabic -- A Multidimensional Analysis of Reinforcers in African Languages.  LINCOM Europa.

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  • Michael Lee Turner