Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022-05-01 BACTmobile: A Smart Blood Alcohol Concentration Tracking Mechanism for Smart Vehicles in Healthcare CPS FrameworkSpringer Nature Computer Science (SN-CS).  3:24. 2022-05-01
2021-02-01 SaYoPillow: Blockchain-Integrated Privacy-Assured IoMT Framework for Stress Management Considering Sleeping HabitsIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics (TCE).  67:20-29. 2021-02-01
2020-07-01 SaYoPillow: A Blockchain-Enabled, Privacy-Assured Framework for Stress Detection, Prediction, and Control Considering Sleeping Habits in the IoMTarXiv Computer Science.  arXiv:2007.07377:38. 2020-07-01
2020-05-01 iLog: An Intelligent Device for Automatic Food Intake Monitoring and Stress Detection in IoMTTransactions of Consumer Electronics.  66:115-124. 2020-05-01
2019-11-01 Stress-Lysis: A DNN-Integrated Edge Device for Stress Level Detection in the IoMTIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics (TCE).  65:474-483. 2019-11-01


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  • Laavanya Rachakonda