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2022-01-01 A Longitudinal Examination of Alcohol-Related Blackouts as a Predictor of Changes in Learning, Memory, and Executive Function in Adolescents Journal: Frontiers in Psychiatry, section Addictive Disorders.Frontiers in Psychiatry.  13. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Adolescent Alcohol Use is Linked to Disruptions in Age-Appropriate Cortical Thinning: An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach.Neuropsychopharmacology.  1-10. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Adverse Childhood Experiences and Binge Drinking in Adolescence: The Role of Impulsivity and PTSD Symptoms.Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology.  1-12. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Bedtime and Effective Coping Skills Predict a Return to Low-Risk of Depression in Young Adults during the COVID-19 Pandemic.International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.  19:10300. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Changes in EEG Alpha Associated with Childhood Neglect and Adolescent Alcohol Use. Changes in EEG Alpha Associated with Childhood Neglect and Adolescent Alcohol Use.Child Maltreatment,.  1-10. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Did the acute impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on drinking or nicotine use persist? Evidence from a cohort of emerging adults followed for up to nine years.Addictive Behaviors.  131:107313. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Prior test experience confounds longitudinal tracking of adolescent cognitive and motor development.BMC Medical Research Methodology.  22:1-15. 2022-01-01
2022-01-01 Self-Reported Sleep and Circadian Characteristics Predict Alcohol and Cannabis Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of the National Consortium on Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence Study.Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research2022-01-01
2021-11-01 Growth trajectories of cognitive and motor control in adolescence: How much is development and how much is practice?Neuropsychology.  45:188-196. 2021-11-01
2021-11-01 Risk for Depression Tripled during COVID-19 Pandemic in Emerging Adults Followed for the Last 8 Years.Psychological Medicine.  1-8. 2021-11-01
2021-06-01 Associations of developmental imbalance between sensation seeking and premeditation in adolescence and heavy episodic drinking in emerging adulthoodAlcohol Clin Exp Res2021-06-01
2021-04-01 Association of Heavy Drinking With Deviant Fiber Tract Development in Frontal Brain Systems in AdolescentsJAMA Psychiatry.  78:407–415. 2021-04-01
2021-02-01 Frequent continuous mobile assessment of health behaviors in a multi-year study: acceptability, validity, and engagement with mNCANDAJournal of Medical Internet Research.  9. 2021-02-01
2021-01-01 Adolescent binge drinking is associated with accelerated decline of gray matter volumeCerebral Cortex.  1-16. 2021-01-01
2021-01-01 Retaining Adolesscent and Young Adult Participants in Research during a Pandemic: Best Practices from Two Large-Scale Developmental Neuroimaging Studies (NCANDA and ABCD)Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.  14:1-8. 2021-01-01
2020-08-01 Longitudinal Impact of Life Events on Adolescent Binge Drinking in the National Consortium on Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence (NCANDA)Substance Use & Misuse.  55:1846-1855. 2020-08-01
2020-06-01 Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms Predict Transition to Future Adolescent and Young Adult Moderate to Heavy Drinking in the NCANDA SampleCurrent Addiction Reports.  7:99-107. 2020-06-01
2020-05-01 Adolescent alcohol use disrupts functional neurodevelopment in sensation seeking girls.Addiction Biology.  1-12. 2020-05-01
2020-05-01 Impact of Childhood Trauma on Executive Function in Adolescence - Mediating Functional Brain Networks and Prediction of High-Risk Drinking.Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging.2020-05-01
2020-03-01 Alpha EEG Asymmetry, Childhood Maltreatment, and Problem Behaviors: A Pilot Home-Based StudyChild Abuse & Neglect.  101:1-11. 2020-03-01
2019-11-01 A pilot study of neurocognitive function and brain structures in adolescents with alcohol use disorders: does maltreatment history matter?Child Maltreatment.  24:374-388. 2019-11-01
2019-07-01 Depression in maltreated children and adolescentsChild and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics of North America.  28:289-302. 2019-07-01
2018-07-01 An Examination of the Role of Sex on Neurocognitive Functioning and Behavior Problems in Maltreated ChildrenPsychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice and Policy.  10:435-443. 2018-07-01
2017-11-01 Adolescent Executive Dysfunction in Daily Life: Relationships to Risks, Brain Structure and Substance UseFrontiers Behavioral Neuroscience.  11:223. 2017-11-01
2017-08-01 A dimensional examination of eating disorder symptoms in relation to cognitive process: An event-related potentials studyJournal of Applied Biobehavioral Research.  1-14. 2017-08-01
2017-06-01 Improving Access to Brain-Based Assessment: A Pilot Study of Mobile EEGJournal of Neuroinformatics and Neuroimaging.  2:1-6. 2017-06-01
2017-01-01 Neurocognitive Factors Related to Trauma Symptoms and Emotion RegulationExplorations: Social Sciences.  12. 2017-01-01
2017-01-01 Pilot Investigation of Brain Function Associated with Co-Occurring Trauma & Depression Symptoms in Adolescents.Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma.  1-16. 2017-01-01
2016-07-01 Clinic Outcome Assessment of a Brief Course Neurofeedback for Childhood ADHD Symptoms.The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research.  44:506-514. 2016-07-01
2015-08-01 A Pilot Investigation of Media Multitasking and Trauma Symptoms Among Adolescents.Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.  1-10. 2015-08-01
2015-08-01 The Role of Early Experience and Cognitive Vulnerability: Presenting a Unified Model of the Etiology of PanicCognitive Therapy & Research.  1-12. 2015-08-01


Year Title Altmetric
2020-01-01 Assessment of Childhood PTSD.  Guilford Press. 2020-01-01
2019-01-01 Depression in Maltreated Children & Adolescents.  Elsevier. 2019-01-01
2018-01-01 Traumatic Stress and Substance Use.  APA Press. 2018-01-01


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