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2024-03-01 Children's expressions of gratitude for general and specific categories amid a pandemic2024-03-01
2024-01-01 Holding multiple category representations: The role of age, theory of mind, and rule switching in children's developing cross-classification abilities2024-01-01
2023-01-01 Positive future expectancies: When hopeful thinking contributes to happiness in children.Journal of Cognition & Development.2023-01-01
2022-01-01 Gratitude for categories of needs before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.Journal of Happiness Studies.2022-01-01
2020-12-01 The relationship between gratitude and happiness in younger childrenJournal of Happiness Studies.  21:2773-2787. 2020-12-01
2020-10-01 Children's food cognition: Introduction to the special issueCognitive Development.  56. 2020-10-01
2020-10-01 Food as a borderline domain of knowledge: The development of domain-specific inductive reasoning strategies in young childrenCognitive Development.  56. 2020-10-01
2020-10-01 From foods to artifacts: Children's evaluative and taxonomic categorization across multiple domainsCognitive Development.  56. 2020-10-01
2020-10-01 Grown or made? Children's determination of the origins of natural versus processed foodsCognitive Development, 56.  56. 2020-10-01
2019-07-01 A ladybug bear can fly and climb trees: Children prefer conjunctions of labels and properties for cross-classifiable toysInfant and Child Development.  28. 2019-07-01
2019-06-01 A word to the wise: Age matters when considering mindfulness in romantic relationshipsContemporary Family Therapy.  41:115–124. 2019-06-01
2018-10-01 Shape or substance? Children’s strategy when labeling a food and its healthfulnessCognitive Development.  48:289-301. 2018-10-01
2017-04-01 Unintentional child poisoning risk: A review of causal factors and prevention studiesChildren's Health Care.  46:109-130. 2017-04-01
2017-02-01 Intra-individual and cross-partner associations between the five facets of mindfulness and relationship satisfactionMindfulness.  8:171-180. 2017-02-01
2016-11-01 Body and soul: Do children distinguish between foods when generalizing psychological and biological properties?Early Education and Development.  27:1250-1262. 2016-11-01
2016-04-01 Trust and doubt, an examination of children’s decisions to believe what they are told about foodJournal of Experimental Child Psychology.  144:66-83. 2016-04-01
2015-07-01 Category coherence in children’s inductive inferences with cross-classified entitiesCognitive Development.  35:137-150. 2015-07-01
2015-03-01 Predictors of children's food selection: The role of children's perceptions of the health and taste of foodsFood Quality and Preference.  40:106-109. 2015-03-01
2014-01-01 Classification and cross-classification in childrenNova Science Publishers.  17-32. 2014-01-01
2012-07-01 Inductive Selectivity in Children’s Cross-Classified Concepts2012-07-01
2012-04-01 Generic language facilitates children’s cross-classification.2012-04-01
2011-08-01 A theory-based approach to teaching children about health: A recipe for understanding.2011-08-01
2011-08-01 The Role of External Sources of Information in Children’s Evaluative Food Categories2011-08-01
2010-01-01 Acquiring non-object terms: The case for time wordsJournal of Cognition and Development..  16-36. 2010-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2021-01-01 Taking a secondary and supportive role: Classroom discussions about racial and ethnic diversity on college campuses. -- Incorporating diversity in classroom settings: Real and engaging examples for various psychology courses: Ability, age, culture, ethnicity/race,, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status, Vol. 1..  . 2021-01-01
2009-01-01 Evaluative categorization of food in children and adults.  Appetite: Control, Perceptions, and Disturbances.. 2009-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2010-01-01 Children consider different sources of information when reasoningUniversité de Poitiers, European Centre for Children's Products. 2010-01-01


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