• Doctor of Nursing Practice and certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) focus of Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist. Varied background Intensive care, Maternal-Infant, and higher education.
  • Research Overview

  • My research interests are in pharmacogenomics and rural health. Working with tenure track faculty who were conducting a research study on pharmacogenomics, I completed my DNP project. The title of this project was the Impact of Pharmacogenomics on Prescriptive Practices in Rural Health. I have not pursued this area this year as I am working on my practice skills
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    Teaching Overview

  • Current Teaching Assignments:
    SON Graduate School FNP:
    FNP NSGL 594, NSGL620 and NSG 602 were the courses for this year. Each have been excellent to teach but the clinical courses in particular are my interest.
    NSG 409: Senior Capstone course serving as a clinical instructor.
    NSG 482 Patho Pharm is one of my favorite courses.
    NSG 411: Complementary & Alternative Therapies thoroughly enjoy as I use some complementary therapies with my patients in practice
    NSG 321: Gerontological Nursing and the End of Life Care faculty. Being a certified dementia provider, my interests and experiences are helpful to the course and add to the learning experience
    NSG 403: Adult Health II clinical faculty. Location of assignment intensive care units and emergency departments. Taught last fall 2021. Would like to focus on graduate school henceforth.

    Current interests:
    Sincerely enjoy teaching in the Graduate school. NSG 482 Pathophysiologic and Pharmacological Evidence Based Nursing Care again in the RN/BSN program, NSG 411 Complementary Therapies are my two favorite RN/BSN
    Additionally I am working at Seaside Wellness in Shallotte as a FNP gaining experience part time. This will help enhance my personal clinical skills and knowledge that will benefit the graduate program at UNCW.
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  • Nancy Lee Murdock