• I was born, got educated, became a chemistry professor.
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    2020-01-01 Observing Quantum Dynamics in Real Time: An Excel-Ready Finite Difference Algorithm for Solving the Time-Dependent Schrodinger EquationJ. Chem. Ed..  97:1026-1034. 2020-01-01
    2019-01-01 A Quantitative Explanation of the Franck-Condon Principle: A Mostly Classical ViewpointJ. Chem. Ed..  96:1171-1177. 2019-01-01
    2016-01-01 Including Memory Friction in Single and Two – State Quantum Dynamics SimulationsJournal of Physical Chemistry.  B:1461-1475. 2016-01-01
    2010-06-01 Tunneling Dynamics in a Double - Well Model of an H atom Transfer ReactionJournal of Chemical Theory and Computation.  5:14. 2010-06-01
    2006-01-01 The Binary Temperature Composition Phase DiagramJournal of Chemical Education.  83:150. 2006-01-01
    An approach towards a simple quantum Langevin equationChemical Physics Letters.  511:11.
    Quantum Control Study of Enzyme Catalyzed H atom TransferChemical Physics.  353:14.

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  • Theoretical Quantum Dynamics
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  • Michael Messina