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2022-01-01 Living with Hazards: Prediction Uncertainty and Personal Protective Behavior at Frequently and Infrequently Erupting Volcanoes: Tungurahua and Cotopaxi, Ecuador.International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction..  79.. 2022-01-01
2012-04-01 Separation of Powers and the Ecuadorian Supreme CourtSocial Science Journal2012-04-01
Evaluating Disaster Education: NOAA's Tsunami Ready Community Program and Risk Awareness Education Efforts, New Directions for EvaluationDisasters and Emergency Management Evaluation


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2007-11-01 Science, Risk and Policymaking in volcanic Hazard ZonesVolcanological Society of Japan, Abstracts Volume: Cities on Volcanoes 5 Conference. 2007-11-01


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2014-01-01 Proposed and Existing Guidelines for Recognition in the NWS TsunamiReady Community Program.Prepared for Tsunami Program, Office of Climate, Weather and Water Services, National Weather Service.. 2014-01-01
2008-08-01 US Tsunami Survey New Hanover County, North Carolina Communities: Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach Collaborators Report. 2008-08-01


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  • Stephen S Meinhold