• As a Leadership Studies faculty member, Dar helps students turn their academic opportunities into job opportunities by teaching them how to articulate their natural gifts and talents to industry leaders. He provides activities that help students explore their unique and meaningful leadership experiences. He aims to provide students with a clear path to leadership within their field of study. Dar's teaching makes ALL students believe they are leaders by relieving them of their comparison to others. He uses real-world examples that help students identify their strengths and gifts and reflect on leadership activities that bring them closer to their academic and career goals.

    As a professional speaker, Dar teaches inclusive leadership strategies so that you can close the gap between your intention and action to engage, recruit, and retain people from underrepresented communities. Dar will equip you with the tools to understand your identities in leadership, open critical conversations, and take action to create change with peers, supervisors, and more!

    Dar is a first-generation college student, and he earned a BS in Criminal Justice, a Masters in Education, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership while teaching Leadership to undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.
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    2017-01-01 Recounting racism, resistance, and repression: Examining the experiences and #Hashtag activism of college students with critical race theory and counternarratives.The Journal of Negro Education.  86:283-304. 2017-01-01


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  • Darquillius J Mayweather