• Dr. (Mesmer-)Magnus is a professor and chair of the Department of Management in the Cameron School of Business. Her education is in industrial/organizational psychology and human resources and organizational behavior with degrees from Florida International University, Christopher Newport University, and University of Florida.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2024-05-01 Reducing Turnover Intentions Among First Year Nurses: The Importance of Work Centrality and Coworker SupportHealth Services Management Research2024-05-01
    2024-01-01 Boundary transitions in dynamic teamwork.Academy of Management Review2024-01-01
    2023-03-01 Employee Burnout: The dark side of performance-driven work climatesJournal of Organizational Effectiveness: People and Performance.  10:1-21. 2023-03-01
    2022-08-01 The Work of Managing a Chronic Illness: A Job DescriptionJournal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice.  29:166-180. 2022-08-01
    2022-06-01 I’m addicted to work, but I’m taking care of myself! Mindfulness to the rescue for workaholics.The Conversation2022-06-01
    2022-01-01 Service Amid Crisis: The Role of Supervisor Humor & Discretionary Organizational SupportJournal of Services Marketing2022-01-01
    2021-01-01 Customer delight during a crisis: Understanding delight through the lens of transformative service researchJournal of Service Management.  32:129-141. 2021-01-01
    2020-12-01 Anxiety, Job Satisfaction, Supervisor Support, and Turnover Intentions of Mid‐Career Nurses: A Structural Equation ModelJournal of Nursing Management2020-12-01
    2020-12-01 Interdisciplinarity and team Innovation: The Role of Team Experiential and Relational ResourcesSmall Group Research.  51:738-775. 2020-12-01
    2018-04-01 How Organizational Identity Affects Team Functioning: The Identity Instrumentality HypothesisJournal of Management.  44. 2018-04-01
    2018-04-01 Meta-Analytic Findings: Updating Research and Supporting Practice on Work Place Issues.Career Development International.  22:462-468. 2018-04-01
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    2018-01-01 The cognitive underpinnings of effective teamwork: A continuationCareer Development International.  22:507-519. 2018-01-01
    2018-01-01 Trait Mindfulness at Work: A meta-analysis of the personal and professional correlates of trait mindfulnessHuman Performance.  30:79-98. 2018-01-01
    2016-07-01 Space Exploration Illuminates the Next Frontier for Teams ResearchGroup and Organization Management.  41:595-628. 2016-07-01
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    2010-01-01 Measuring shared team mental models: A meta-analysisGroup Dynamics: Theory, Research & Practice.  14:1-14. 2010-01-01
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    2010-01-01 The role of pre-training interventions in learning: A meta-analysis and integrative reviewHuman Resource Managemet Review.  20:261-282. 2010-01-01
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    2007-07-01 Inducing maximal versus typical learning through the provision of a pre-training goal orientationHuman Performance.  20:205-222. 2007-07-01
    2006-10-01 How family-friendly work environments affect work/family conflict: A meta-analytic examinationJournal of Labor Research.  27:555-574. 2006-10-01
    2006-07-01 Social desirability: The role of over-claiming, self-esteem, and emotional intelligencePsychology Science.  48:336-356. 2006-07-01
    2005-10-01 Whistleblowing in organizations: An examination of the correlates of whistleblower intention, action, and retaliationJournal of Business Ethics.  62:277-297. 2005-10-01
    2005-04-01 Convergence between measures of work-to-family and family-to-work conflict: A meta-analytic examinationJournal of Vocational Behavior.  67:215-232. 2005-04-01
    Implications of Employees Who Work While Commuting: A Moderated Mediation Analysis.Human Systems Management
    Personality Correlates of Preference for MultitaskingJournal of Organizational Psychology.  14:67-76.


    Year Title Altmetric
    2017-10-01 From Teams in Organizations to Organizing in Teams..  Handbook of Industrial, Organizational, and Work Psychology. 2017-10-01
    2017-10-01 Mindfulness at Workplace.  Handbook of Industrial, Organizational, and Work Psychology. 2017-10-01
    2017-10-01 Whistleblowers.  The Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Sage Publications. 2017-10-01
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    2006-04-01 Counterproductivity in Organizations: Dimensionality and Antecedents of Employees Going Over to the Dark Side.  Le Management Des Hommes Au Travail: Les Apports de la Psychologie Du Travail,. 2006-04-01
    2006-01-01 Whistleblowers.  The Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. 2006-01-01
    Flipping the College Classroom.  Best Practices in University Teaching.


    Year Title Altmetric
    2018-03-01 Coaching for Improved Supervisory Management. A consulting report prepared for New Hanover County Government, Wilmington, NC. 2018-03-01
    2015-01-01 Final Report: Literature Review and Operational Assessment: Maintaining Shared Mental Models Over Long-Duration Exploration MissionsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration - Behavioral Human Performance. 2015-01-01
    2014-11-01 Measuring team cognition over long distance space exploration: A five-facet frameworkNational Aeronautics and Space Administration - Behavioral Human Performance. 2014-11-01
    2014-10-01 Operational Assessment of Shared Team Mental Model Maintenance Relevant to Long Distance Space ExplorationNational Aeronautics and Space Administration - Behavioral Human Performance. 2014-10-01
    2001-01-01 Employee opinion survey analysis and considerationsBoard of Directors, Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. 2001-01-01
    2000-01-01 Eddiction project data analysis: Examining fourth grade computer use and survey self reportsNASA. 2000-01-01
    1999-01-01 Sales representative orientation manual and training program analysisEastern Aluminum, Inc.. 1999-01-01
    A review of the critical aspects of team cognition during long duration space exploration missionsNational Aeronautics and Space Administration - Behavioral Human Performance.


    Research Overview

  • Team Cognition & Information Sharing, Work/Family Conflict, Employee Training, Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors, Whistleblowing in Organizations, Faking/Social Desirability/Response Distortion/Integrity Testing
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  • human resources, organizational behavior
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  • Jessica Mesmer Magnus