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Year Title Altmetric
2021-01-01 Fuel shortages crop up in Southeast, gas prices climb after pipeline hackThe Washington Post2021-01-01
2020-01-01 “Police chiefs confront bias within their ranks”The Washington Post2020-01-01
2018-01-01 “A Few Not So Good Men: Marine Pilots, a Massacre, Immunity”The Daily Beast2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “British M.P. Accuses U.N. Official Ravi Karkara of Sexual Misconduct, Sources Say: Exclusive”Newsweek2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “Eight Men Have Accused a Senior U.N. Advisor of Sexual Misconduct, Sources Say: Exclusive”Newsweek2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “Exclusive: Senior U.N. Official Fired, Referred to Criminal Authorities for Alleged Sexual Misconduct”Newsweek2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “U.N. Women Starts the Disciplinary Process for a Staff Member Accused of Sexual Misconduct”Newsweek2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “Who Should Lead Veterans Affairs? Five veterans explain what they’re looking for in a leader”The Washington Post2018-01-01
2018-01-01 “Why Some Marines Fear Afghan Allies More Than the Taliban”The Daily Beast2018-01-01
2017-01-01 “Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett Opens Up About Being a Revenge Porn Victim”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Did War Hero Strike Again After He Was Arrested for Rape?”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Facebook Hasn’t Pulled Nude Marine Pages”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Felon turned Fake Journalist Outed a Beloved Gay Teacher”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “He’s accused of abusing Muslims training to be Marines. A military jury must decide his fate”The Washington Post2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Inside Marines Secret Nude Photo Groups”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Marine drill instructor sentenced to ten years in prison for targeting Muslim recruits”The Washington Post2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Marines Sent Revenge Porn to Her Parents”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Marines Share Photo of Nude Unconscious Woman”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Military Women plead with Facebook to address the continued spread of revenge porn”Mic News2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Senators to Top Marine: You’re Losing the War on Pervs”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Trial opens for Marine drill instructor accused of abusing Muslim recruits during whiskey-fueled assaults”The Washington Post2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “Were U.S. Alies Punished for Raping Kids? It’s Classified”The Daily Beast2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “‘What happens in the squad bay stays in the squad bay’: Marines testify about Muslim recruit’s suicide”The Washington Post2017-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2017-01-01 “Nude Military Photos Hit the Dark Web”The Daily Beast. 2017-01-01
2017-01-01 “The Simulator Training Marines for WWIII with Russia”The Daily Beast. 2017-01-01

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