• BA UNCW 1983, Psychology Ph.D, University of Colorado, Boulder 1990 UNCW 1990-Present
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    2023-02-01 Validation of an Accelerometer-Based Gait Assessment: Establishing Test-Retest Reliability, Convergent Validity, and Predictive Validity for Concussion Symptom EndorsementJournal of Concussion.  7. 2023-02-01
    2023-01-01 Introduction and Clinical Analyses of an Accelerometer-Based Mobile Gait Assessment a to Evaluate Neuromotor Sequelae of Concussion in Adolescents and AdultsJournal of Pediatric Neuropsychology2023-01-01
    2022-06-01 The Effects of Health Anxiety and Litigation Potential on Symptom Endorsement, Cognitive Performance, and Physiological Functioning in the Context of a Food and Drug Administration Drug Recall Announcement.Frontiers in Psychology.  13:818724. 2022-06-01
    2022-04-01 Baseline Concussion Testing Increases Agreement With Favorable Concussion Safety Decisions in Hypothetical Scenarios -- Health Education & BehaviorHealth Education and Behavior2022-04-01
    2021-12-01 Validating a short Conners CPT 3 as a Screener: Predicting self-reported CDC concussion symptoms in children, adolescents, and adults.Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology.  7:169-181. 2021-12-01
    2021-06-01 Considerations of a neuromotor concussion subtypeInternational Journal on Neuropsychology and Behavioural Sciences.  2:44-45. 2021-06-01
    2021-02-01 Mobile Neurofeedback for Pain Management in Veterans with TBI and PTSDPain Medicine.  22:329–337. 2021-02-01
    2020-01-01 Ion Mobilities, Transference Numbers, and Inverse Haven Ratios of Polymeric Ionic Liquids.ACS macro letters.  9:84-89. 2020-01-01
    2019-12-01 A Clinician’s Guide to Machine Learning in Neuropsychological Research and PracticeJournal of Pediatric Neuropsychology.  5:177– 187. 2019-12-01
    2017-06-01 Self-Reported Mindful Attention and Awareness, Go/No-Go Response-Time Variability, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.Mindfulness.  8:765-774. 2017-06-01
    2016-07-01 Clinic Outcome Assessment of a Brief Course Neurofeedback for Childhood ADHD Symptoms.The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research.  44:506-514. 2016-07-01
    2015-03-01 An assessment of an automated EEG biofeedback system for attention deficits in a substance use disorders residential treatment setting.Psychology of addictive behaviors : journal of the Society of Psychologists in Addictive Behaviors.  29:17-25. 2015-03-01
    2012-05-01 MyDay Medication RemindersAnnals of the MS in Computer Science and Information Systems at UNC Wilmington.  6. 2012-05-01
    2009-05-01 Does 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine (BrdU) disrupt cell proliferation and neuronal maturation in the adult rat hippocampus in vivo?Behavioural brain research.  199:218-21. 2009-05-01
    2009-01-01 Does 5-bromo-2’-deoxyuridine (BrdU) disrupt cell proliferation and neuronal maturation in the adult rat in vivo?Behavioural Brain Research.  199:218-221. 2009-01-01
    2008-04-01 Persistent increases in the pool of doublecortin-expressing neurons in the hippocampus following spatial navigation training.Behavioural brain research.  188:391-7. 2008-04-01
    2007-09-01 Fluoxetine and the dentate gyrus: memory, recovery of function, and electrophysiology.Behavioural pharmacology.  18:521-31. 2007-09-01
    2007-03-01 Adult hippocampal neurogenesis: a phenomenon in search of a functionDebates in Neuroscience.  1:25-25. 2007-03-01
    2007-01-01 Adrenalectomy-induced granule cell degeneration in the hippocampus causes spatial memory deficits that are not reversed by chronic treatment with corticosterone or fluoxetine.Hippocampus.  17:137-46. 2007-01-01
    2006-12-01 Chlordiazepoxide and dizocilpine, but not morphine, selectively impair acquisition under a novel repeated-acquisition and performance task in rats.Psychopharmacology.  189:135-43. 2006-12-01
    2006-01-01 Predictive values of neuropsychological assessment with regards to life expectancy among cardiac bypass surgery patients.Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings.  13:332-336. 2006-01-01
    2005-10-01 Chlordiazepoxide interactions with scopolamine and dizocilpine: novel cooperative and antagonistic effects on spatial learning.Behavioral neuroscience.  119:1331-8. 2005-10-01
    2003-02-01 Effects of positive GABA(A) modulators on a multiple-component, repeated-acquisition test of spatial learning.Behavioural pharmacology.  14:67-75. 2003-02-01
    2003-02-01 Repeated spatial acquisition: effects of NMDA antagonists and morphine.Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology.  11:79-90. 2003-02-01
    2002-09-01 Navigation in the Morris swim task as a baseline for drug discrimination: a demonstration with morphine.Journal of the experimental analysis of behavior.  78:215-23. 2002-09-01
    2002-07-01 Assessing postoperative cognitive change after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.Neuropsychology.  16:411-21. 2002-07-01
    2002-07-01 Deficiencies in the detection of cognitive deficits.Neuropsychology.  16:434-9. 2002-07-01
    1994-06-01 Place learning by three vole species (Microtus ochrogaster, M. montanus, and M. pennsylvanicus) in the Morris swim task.Journal of comparative psychology (Washington, D.C. : 1983).  108:179-88. 1994-06-01
    1993-04-01 The effect of age on children's learning of problems that require a configural association solution.Developmental psychobiology.  26:171-84. 1993-04-01
    1987-07-01 Shock signals and the development of stress-induced analgesia.Journal of experimental psychology. Animal behavior processes.  13:226-38. 1987-07-01
    Validation of a Concussion Assessment ToolNeurology.  93:S2.1-S2..
    Validation of a Concussion Screening Battery for Use in Medical Settings: Predicting Centers for Disease Control Concussion Symptoms in Children and AdolescentsArchives of Clinical Neuropsychology.  35:265–274.


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    2018-01-01 Buddhist Biohackers: The New Enlightenment -- Posthumanism: The Future of Homo Sapiens.  . 2018-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2007-02-01 Why serial assessments of cardiac surgery patients' neurobehavioral performances are misleading.The Annals of thoracic surgery. 370-3. 2007-02-01
    2001-10-01 The reliability of neuropsychologic changes after cardiac surgery and a deeper problem posed by practice effects.Journal of cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia. 666-70. 2001-10-01


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