Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2015-01-01 In-Cells, Statement, Dress, Beach, Green Car ImagesFading From Memory: An Exploration of Instant, Film Shooters Collective.  60-63. 2015-01-01
2014-10-01 Ausbruch II and (Bakuhatsu) II ImagesThe Hand, A Magazine for Reproducible Art.  2-3. 2014-10-01
2011-12-01 Cliché-Verre: The History and Future of PhotographySuperMassiveBlackHole.  40-43. 2011-12-01


Year Title Altmetric
2021-01-01 9 Views of Paris: In Positive and Negative Plein Air Cliché-VerreChildhood Education. 2021-01-01
2018-10-01 HalfLife: Artistic positions on Bio Technologies in times of climate change and mass extinctionOgden Museum of Southern Art. 2018-10-01
2016-01-01 Cycle of Cities II: Afterlife 2 & 6 ImagesFemme Fotale. 2016-01-01

Working Paper

Year Title Altmetric
2019-01-01 Salt: Salted Paper Prints using Natural Salt Water with Varying SalinityWeissman Preservation Center, Harvard Library. 2019-01-01


Research Overview

  • Alternative Process Photography, Cliche-Verre, Experimental Photography
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    Teaching Overview

  • Alternative Process, Darkroom, and Digital Photography
  • Full Name

  • Courtney E Johnson