• 2007-date, assistant professor, UNCW; 2004-2007, assistant professor, UC; 1998-2004, Ph.d student, UI.
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2022-01-01 Patterns in a freshwater tussock sedge model.Appl. Anal..  101:118-135. 2022-01-01
    2021-01-01 Spatiotemporal patterns induced by four mechanisms in a tussock sedge model with discrete time and space variablesAdvances in Difference Equations.  2021. 2021-01-01
    2019-01-01 Analysis of bifurcation, chaos and pattern formation in a discrete time and space Gierer Meinhardt systemChaos Solitons Fractals.  118:1-17. 2019-01-01
    2019-01-01 Monotone iteration scheme and its applica- tion to partial differential equation systems with mixed nonlocal and de- generate diffusionsElectron. J. Differential Equations.  51:21. 2019-01-01
    2019-01-01 Patterns in a Fresh Water Tussock Sedge Model with Two Limit CyclesC €3 I ( C I ).  26. 2019-01-01
    2018-01-01 Supercritical Hopf bifurcation and Turing patterns for an activator and inhibitor model with different sources.  23. 2018-01-01
    2017-01-01 Stripe and spot patterns for the Gierer-Meinhardt model with common sourcesI C.  27. 2017-01-01
    2017-01-01 Stripe and spot patterns for the Gierer-Meinhardt model with saturated activator production.  449:1863-1879.. 2017-01-01
    2017-01-01 Traveling waves in a three species competition-cooperation systemC 6.  1103-1119. 2017-01-01
    2015-01-01 Stripe and spot patterns in a Gierer-Meinhardt activator-inhibitor model with different sourcesI C g g.  25:16. 2015-01-01
    2014-01-01 Mutual inclusion in a nonlocal competitive Lotka Volterra system.  I31:87-110.. 2014-01-01
    2011-01-01 Traveling Wave Solutions for Lotka-Volterra System Re-visitedDiscrete Continuous Dynamical Systems Series B.  15:171-196. 2011-01-01
    2011-01-01 Traveling Waves and Their Stability in A Coupled Reaction Diffusion SystemCommunications on Pure and Applied Analysis.  10:141-160. 2011-01-01
    2009-03-01 A mathematical analysis for a model arising from public goods gamesNonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications.  10. 2009-03-01
    Bifurcations of heteroclinic orbits (2010) JDDE
    Traveling wave solutions for a competitive reaction-diffusion system and their asymptotics (2008) Nonlinear Ana. -Ser B
    Traveling wave solutions for a reaction diffusion equation with double degenerate nonlinearities (2010) DCDS

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