• Married with 1 daughter/son-in-law and 3 grandchildren. RN for 42 years. Experience in nursing administration, medical-surgical, home health, maternity health, child health, adult health, public health, and nurse consultant. Began Ed. D in Education Fall 2018 at Fayetteville State University in Leadership and Administration. Completed didactic courses and COMP EXAM June 2020. Completed Dissertation on 06/29/2021. Graduation 8/2/2021.
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    Year Title Altmetric
    2013-11-01 Students Like Peer Evaluation during Home Visit Simulation ExperiencesClinical Simulation in Nursing.  9:535–542. 2013-11-01
    2012-04-01 Home Visit Simulation Using a Standardized Patient Clinical Simulation in NursingClinical Simulation in Nursing.  e1-e7. 2012-04-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2014-08-01 Case Example 13: From evaluability assessment findings to recommendationsSage Publications. 2014-08-01


    Research Overview

  • Various chronic health disparities, specifically how diabetes impacts the lives of college students and the best practices available to provide services to them. In practice helping underrepresented populations reduce the impact of diabetes by nutrition, activity, medication, managing their numbers and quality life changes education. The preparation process of middle and high school students for health careers and Gerontology. Use of service learning to facilitate student learning. Mentorship of faculty and health related students.
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  • Community/Public Health, Population Health, Administration and Leadership, Geriatrics, Physical Assessment, Maternity and CAPSTONE, Research in Nursing, and HONOR'S FRYE Program, Nursing Policy, and Course Coordination.
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  • Carol Newton Highsmith