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2016-11-01 China, Japan and the Flight of European Jewish Refugees to Shanghai during World War II.Journal of the Sino-Judaic Institute.  31. 2016-11-01
2011-01-01 Vol. 37, No. 2 (Spring 2011), pp. 202-237.2011-01-01


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2023-02-01 The Second Sino-Japanese War, 1931-1941 -- Oxford Handbook of World War 2.  Oxford University Press. 2023-02-01


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2020-12-01 What China and India Once Were: The Pasts That May Shape the Global FutureChinese Historical Review. 169-171. 2020-12-01
2017-07-01 Maisie Meyer, Shanghai’s Baghdadi Jews: A Collection of Biographical ReflectionsBlacksmith Books. 2017-07-01


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  • Bei Gao