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2024-01-01 A newly discovered trematode parasite infecting the bay scallop, Argopecten irradiansAquaculture.  589:740960. 2024-01-01
2020-01-01 Seasonality and disturbance recovery of the epibenthic community on a warm-temperate hard bottom.Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology.  524. 2020-01-01
2018-01-01 Seasonal diversity and composition of epibenthic organisms on a North Carolina, USA continental shelf hard bottomRegional Studies in Marine Science.  24:196-202. 2018-01-01
2014-01-01 Morphology and phylogenetic systematics of Ptilocladiopsis horrida and proposal of the Ptilocladiopsidaceae fam. nov. (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)Phycologia.  53:383-395. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 Native fish community structure and Indo-Pacific lionfish (Pterois volitans) densities along a depth-temperature gradient in Onslow Bay, North Carolina, USAMarine Ecology Progress Series.  509:241-254. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 Prevalence of the invasive rhizocephalan parasite Loxothylacus panopaei in Eurypanopeus depressus and genetic relationships of the parasite in North and South Carolina.Journal of Parasitology.  100:447-454. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 Studies of Costa Rican Gelidiales (Florideophyceae): II. Two Pacific taxa including Gelidium microglossum sp. nov.Pacific Science.  68:97-110. 2014-01-01
2013-02-01 Characterization of 18 polymorphic microsatellite loci from invasive lionfish (Pterois volitans and P. miles)Conservation Genetics Resources2013-02-01
2013-01-01 Studies of North Carolina marine algae XIII. Frist reports of the genus Cottoniella (Rhodophyta, Sarcomeniaceae).Marine Biodiversity Records.  6:7 pp. 2013-01-01
2013-01-01 Vegetative and reproductive development of Mediterranean Gulsonia nodulosa (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) and its genetic affinitiesPhycologia.  52:357-367. 2013-01-01
2012-01-01 Estimates of nuclear DNA content in red algal lineagesAoB Plants.  2012. 2012-01-01
2012-01-01 First report of Halopeltis (Rhodophyta, Rhodymeniaceae) from the non-tropical Northern Hemisphere: H. adnata (Okamura comb. nov. from Korea, and H. pellucida sp. nov. and H. willisii sp. nov. fromt he North AtlanticAlgae.  27:95-108. 2012-01-01
2011-01-01 Reconstructing the lionfish invasion of the Western AtlanticJournal of Biogeography.  38:1281-1293. 2011-01-01
2011-01-01 Taxonomic notes on five species of Polysiphonia sensu lato (Ceramiales, Florideophyceae) from the CaribbeanBotanica Marina.  54:269-292. 2011-01-01
2010-10-01 DNA barcoding in the red algal order Gelidiales: comparison of COI with rbcL and verification of the "barcoding gap"Cryptogamie Algologie.  31:435-449. 2010-10-01
2010-08-01 Two new species of Polysiphonia (Ceramiales, Florideophyceae) from the western AtlanticBotanic Marina.  53:301-311. 2010-08-01
2010-02-01 Vegetative, reproductive and molecular characterization of Gloiocladia microspora (Faucheaceae, Rhodophyta)European Journal of Phycology.  45:63-78. 2010-02-01
2009-07-01 Utility of FTA cards for the preservation of marine green and red algal DNAJournal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences.  125:103-106. 2009-07-01
2009-04-01 Gracilaria hummii Hommersand et D.W. Freshwater sp. nov. (Gracilariales, Rhodophyta), a new name for the agarophyte "Gracilaria confervoides" harvested in North Carolina during World War IIJournal of Phycology.  45:503-516. 2009-04-01
2009-03-01 Bringing molecular tools into environmental resource management: Untangling the molecules to policy pathwayPloS Biology.  7:doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000069. 2009-03-01
2009-01-01 Mitochondrial control region sequence analyses indicate dispersal from the US East Coast as the source of the invasive Indo-Pacific lionfish Pterois volitans in the BahamasMarine Biology.  156:1213-1221. 2009-01-01
2009-01-01 Molecular evidence that the lionfishes Pterois miles and Pterois volitans are distinct speciesJournal of the North Carolina Academy of Sciences.  125:39-46. 2009-01-01
2009-01-01 Rediscovery of Gelidiella ramellosa (Kutzing) Feldmann et Hamel from near the type locality in Western AustraliaCryptogamie Algologie.  30:3-16. 2009-01-01
2008-11-01 Consistency of morphological characters used to delimit Polysiphonia sensu lato species (Ceramiales, Florideophyceae): Analyses of North Carolina, USA specimens.Phycologia.  47:541-559. 2008-11-01
2008-03-01 The red algal genus Gelidiella (Gelidiales, Rhodophyta) from Taiwan, including Gelidiella fanii sp. nov.Phycologia.  47:168-176. 2008-03-01
2008-01-01 Megagametogenesis in Halophila johnsonii, a threatened seagrass with no known seeds, and the seed-producing Halophila decipiens (Hydrocaritaceae).Aquatic Botany.  88:277-282. 2008-01-01
2008-01-01 Phenotypic variation of lionfish supraocular tentaclesEnvironmental Biology of Fishes.  83:237-241. 2008-01-01


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2014-08-01 MASJI-1: A.L.G.A.E. (Always Looking Good And Enthusiastic), publicly available DNA sequence and specimen data for marine algae of the San Juan IslandsBarcode of Life Data Systems. 2014-08-01


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2008-07-01 Field Guide to Common Marine Algae of the Bocas del Toro Area, 1st editionSmithsonian Tropicl Research Institute. 51 pp.. 2008-07-01

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