• Born in Calcutta and raised in New Delhi, Sayantani Dasgupta is the author of multiple books including the upcoming essay collection Brown Women Have Everything. She received her MFA from the University of Idaho, and serves as an Associate Prof. of Creative Writing at UNCW.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2019-11-01 This or That: What a Silly Game with My Grandfather Taught Me about LifeSalt Magazine2019-11-01
    2019-09-01 A Café of One’s OwnIdaho Magazine2019-09-01
    2016-01-01 My Grandfather’s Red ChairWINNER Dukool magazine’s 2016 Creative Nonfiction Contest2016-01-01
    2015-03-01 GeographiesContrary Magazine2015-03-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2020-06-01 Radha -- Ekphrastic Writing: A Guide to Visual-Art-Influenced Poetry, Fiction, and NonfictionMcFarland2020-06-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2021-03-01 Women Who Misbehave.  Penguin Random House. 2021-03-01
    2016-07-01 The House of Nails: Memories of a New Delhi Childhood.  Red Bird Press. 2016-07-01
    2016-06-01 Fire Girl: Essays on India, America, and the In-Between.  Two Sylvias Press. 2016-06-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2021-04-01 I Write To Invent, To Create, But I Also Write So I Can Understand MyselfSheThePeople. 2021-04-01
    2021-03-01 Shaaji and Satnam (Reprint)Scroll. 2021-03-01
    2021-01-01 On Kehinde Wiley’s Judith and Holofernes -- You Are the River: Literature Inspired by the North Carolina Museum of ArtNorth Carolina Museum of Art. 2021-01-01
    2021-01-01 Rinse, RepeatChautauqua. 2021-01-01
    2021-01-01 TenantsHindu Business Line. 2021-01-01
    2021-01-01 The Boys of New Delhi: An Essay in Four Hurts -- A Harp in the Stars: An Anthology of Lyric EssaysUniversity of Nebraska Press. 2021-01-01
    2020-10-01 The Church of Santa Maria Nuova (reprint)The Arkansas International. 2020-10-01
    2020-09-01 On a Sunday Afternoon in ItalySweet. 2020-09-01
    2020-09-01 Three Gazes of AttentionPangyrus. 2020-09-01
    2020-01-01 On a Sunday Afternoon in Italy (Reprint)Creative Nonfiction. 2020-01-01
    2020-01-01 The PartySouthern Humanities Review. 2020-01-01
    2019-07-01 40 Till I DieArre. 2019-07-01
    2019-07-01 Fowl/FoulTiny Essays. 2019-07-01
    2018-12-01 Notes on a Day Job, or, How to be an Adjunct ProfessorBlood Orange Review. 2018-12-01
    2018-11-01 Why Writers Should EavesdropScroll. 2018-11-01
    2018-10-01 Goopy Bagha’s Betrayal: The Unmaking of a ChildhoodEconomic and Political Weekly. 2018-10-01
    2018-07-01 How to be a WriterScroll. 2018-07-01
    2018-06-01 Valentine’s Day: A 14-Point Meditation on Love and Other Fiery MonstersHunger Mountain. 2018-06-01
    2017-10-01 American ClassroomBellingham Review. 2017-10-01
    2017-10-01 ChernobylBellingham Review. 2017-10-01
    2017-07-01 The Church of Santa Maria NuovaViterbo Sketchbook. 2017-07-01
    2016-12-01 The Butcher Shop of New DelhiChicago Quarterly Review. 2016-12-01
    2016-10-01 Goddesses (Reprint)India International Quarterly. 2016-10-01
    2016-10-01 Knots -- First-Love ContestJuggernaut Books, India. 2016-10-01
    2016-08-01 A Love Letter to Banned BooksThe Hindu. 2016-08-01
    2016-08-01 NumbersRed Bird Weekly Read. 2016-08-01
    2016-05-01 GoddessesThe Rumpus. 2016-05-01
    2015-10-01 Shaaji and SatnamDukool. 2015-10-01
    2015-06-01 On Loving Captain NemoDrunken Odyssey. 2015-06-01
    2015-06-01 This EdenThe Vignette Review. 2015-06-01
    2015-04-01 Tigers, Snakes and Monkey Brains: How to Write about India if You’re a TouristDailyO. 2015-04-01
    2015-03-01 GabriellaBlack Denim Lit. 2015-03-01
    2014-09-01 ArmorYellow Medicine Review. 2014-09-01
    2014-09-01 On Collecting StoriesYellow Medicine Review. 2014-09-01
    2014-05-01 OscillationPhoebe. 2014-05-01
    2013-05-01 Another LifeSugar Mule South Asia Special Edition. 2013-05-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2020-06-01 Chain Reactions -- Write India Season 3The Times of India. 2020-06-01


    Research Overview

  • Creative Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, Graphic Memoir & Nonfiction, South Asian History and Literature, World Literature, Indian Cinema, World Religions, Fairy Tales, Folk Lore, Horror, and Mythology.
  • Teaching Overview

  • Creative Nonfiction, Literary Fiction, Graphic Memoir & Nonfiction, South Asian Literature, World Literature, Fairy Tales, Folk Lore, Horror, and Mythology.
  • Full Name

  • Sayantani Dasgupta