Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022-07-01 Narrative Films in an Academic Library: How Faculty Requests Inform Collection DevelopmentCollection Management.  48:114-126. 2022-07-01
2017-03-01 Sociological Abstracts vs. SocINDEX for Graduate Students in Sociology: Comprehensive Enough to Satisfy?Library Philosophy and Practice.  26p.. 2017-03-01


Year Title Altmetric
2020-07-01 Conference Report: Piloting the surgeAgainst the Grain. 2020-07-01
2020-07-01 Conference Report: Print collections as battlegroundAgainst the Grain. 2020-07-01
2019-09-01 Conference Report: Librarians are the Enemies of Scholarship! *Print collection management during a major renovationAgainst the Grain. 59. 2019-09-01
2019-04-01 Conference Report: Library Space TransformedAgainst the Grain. 56. 2019-04-01
2018-04-01 Conference Report: Don't Stop the PressesAgainst the Grain. p.62. 2018-04-01
2018-02-01 Conference Report: A Trouble SharedAgainst the Grain. p.62. 2018-02-01

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  • Jeanne G Cross