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2017-02-01 Parenting practices and adolescent adjustment in Mexico: Initial Evidence of the Mexican Parenting Questionnaire for Adolescence (MPQ-A).Journal of Child and Family Studies2017-02-01
2015-08-01 Permanence and Coexistence in a Diffusive Complex Ration-dependent Food ChainInternational Journal of Dynamics and Control (Springer).  3:262-274. 2015-08-01
2014-01-01 Analysis of Dynamics in a Complex Food Chain with Ratio Dependent Functional ResponseJournal of Applied Analysis and Computation.  4:69-87. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 Functional Data Analysis in the Use of Eyebrow Shape as a Biometric Indicator in Face RecognitionInternational Journal of Biometrics.  6:166-179. 2014-01-01
2012-04-01 Improved Image-based Automatic Gender Classification by Feature SelectionJournal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research.  1:241-253. 2012-04-01
2007-01-01 Solve the Vehicle Routing Problem with time windows via a genetic algorithmDiscrete and Continuous Systems.  Supplement:240-249. 2007-01-01


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2012-01-01 Sensitivity analysis with cross-validation for feature selection and manifold learning.  Springer Berlin Heidelberg. 458–467. 2012-01-01


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2018-01-01 Continuously Updating Nonnegative Matrix FactorizationProceeding of 2018 INFORMS International Conference, Taipei, Taiwan. 8. 2018-01-01
2012-09-01 Demographic Analysis of Facial Landmarks. 2012-09-01

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  • Yaw O Chang