Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2009-12-01 Precision measurement of the neutron-3He spin-dependent scattering length using neutron interferometryNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics.  611:235-238. 2009-12-01
2009-05-01 Precision Measurement of the n-3He Incoherent Scattering Length Using Neutron InterferometryPhys. Rev. Lett..  102. 2009-05-01
2008-07-01 3He Spin-Dependent Cross Sections and Sum RulesPhys. Rev. Lett..  101. 2008-07-01
2007-03-01 Isospin structure of J= 1+ states in 58Ni and 58Cu studied by 58Ni(p,p') and 58Ni(3He,t)58Cu measurementsPhys. Rev. C.  75. 2007-03-01

Research Overview

  • Experimental Few-Nucleon Physics, Genetic Algorithms
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  • Timothy C Black