• Dr. Sackley has a 40-year career in academia, including more than 10 years of administrative appointments. He holds the CFP and CFA professional designations.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2021-05-01 Professional Competence and Business EthicsJournal of Financial Crime.  28. 2021-05-01
    2017-08-01 Teaching exchange rate risk using London's Gherkin building: How investors were in (and out of) a pickleThe Journal of Economic Education.  4:276-287. 2017-08-01
    2017-05-01 Transformation of Portfolio LeadershipApplied Learning in Higher Education.  1:30-37. 2017-05-01
    2017-01-01 Honor Codes and Perceptions of CheatingJournal of Economics and Finance Education.  16:40-54. 2017-01-01
    2016-04-01 An Uncertain Suggestion for Gold-Pricing Models: The Effect of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Gold PricesJournal of Economics and Finance.  40:367-379. 2016-04-01
    2015-05-01 Faculty Observables and Self-Reported Responsiveness to Academic DishonestyAdministrative Issues Journal.  5:89-104. 2015-05-01
    2014-10-01 The Enhancement of Equity Valuations in Developed and Emerging Markets Through the Use of Sustainable Investment IndicatorsJournal of Corporate Finance Research.  30:53-57. 2014-10-01
    2013-04-01 It's the students, stupid: How perceptions of student reporting impact cheatingThe American Economist.  58:51-59. 2013-04-01
    2010-12-01 The Significance and Certification of Shelf Registration Offerings.Southern Business and Economic Journal.  33. 2010-12-01
    2010-03-01 Duration and convexity for assessing interest-rate riskBank Accounting & Finance.  25-30. 2010-03-01
    2008-05-01 Analysis and Implementation of a Financial Budgeting SystemAnnals of the MS in Computer Science and Information Systems at UNC Wilmington.  2. 2008-05-01
    2007-01-01 Illicit Drugs and Economics: Examples for the Principles ClassroomJournal of Economics and Finance Education.  5:52-63. 2007-01-01
    2007-01-01 Transactions, Volume, and Volatilitiy: Evidence from an Emerging MarketApplied Financial Economics Letters.  3:61-64. 2007-01-01
    2005-01-01 A Profile of Students Majoring in Economics: By Baccalaureate DegreeJournal of Economics and Finance Education.  3. 2005-01-01
    2005-01-01 The Impact of Law Enforcement on Undergraduate Drunkenness and Drunk Driving: Survey ResultsSouthern Business and Economic Journal.  28:77-87. 2005-01-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2017-01-01 The Benefits of Long-Term Financial PlanningGreater Wilmington Business Journal. 2017-01-01


    Research Overview

  • Dr. Sackley's primary research interests follow his teaching interests, in the areas of investments.
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  • FIN 440 Applied Learning Project 2016-08-01 - 2017-05-01
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    Teaching Overview

  • Dr. Sackley has teaching interests in most areas of finance, specifically including personal finance, ethics in financial markets, and fixed-income investing.
  • Full Name

  • William H Sackley