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Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2018-06-01 The Impact of Narrative Transportation and Enjoyment on Student Classroom Learning: An Empirical Study of an Authentic Music Video and Short Teaching CaseCollege Teaching.  66:171-180. 2018-06-01
2018-02-01 A Note on the Factorial Structure of the MBA-GS for Trinidad abd Tobago management level employeesSocial and Economic Studies.  66:177-184. 2018-02-01
2014-02-01 Contraband: Tax evasion and the survival of small ethnic businessesSeeds of Crime.  Winter:38-41. 2014-02-01
2012-03-01 Holding God's Hand: Religious Organizations and Support to Entrepreneurial InitiativesRevista de Administração de Empresas-RAE.  52:217-231. 2012-03-01
2008-04-01 SME Competitive Strategy and Location Behavior: An Exploratory Study of High Technology ManufacturingJournal of Small Business Management.  46:183-202. 2008-04-01
2007-01-01 Influência Governamental e Estratégias Institucionais na Difusão de Inovações em Economias Emergentes” (Government Influence and Institutional Strategies for Innovation Diffusion in Emerging Economies)RAE - Revista de Administração de Empresas (Cabell’s-Management indexed, 10th edition).  47:10-21. 2007-01-01
2007-01-01 Social Capital as a Club Good: The Case of Ethnic Communities and EntrepreneurshipJournal of Enterprising Communities.  1:38-53. 2007-01-01
2007-01-01 The Impact of Ethnic Identification on Buyer-seller Behaviour: A Study of Two EnclavesInternational Journal of Business and Globalisation.  1:20-33. 2007-01-01
2006-01-01 American Indian Collectivism: Past Myth, Present RealityProperty and Environmental Research Reports.  24:7-9. 2006-01-01
2006-01-01 False Myths and Indigenous Entrepreneurial StrategiesJournal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  18:1-17. 2006-01-01
2004-01-01 Afiliação Religiosa e Empreendedorismo Étnico: O Caso dos Brasileiros nos EUA (Religion and Ethnic Entrepreneurship: The Case of Brazilians in the USA)RAC – Revista de Administração Contemporânea.  8:117-141. 2004-01-01
2003-01-01 Intra-Enclave Trade: Hispanic and Arab Small BusinessesJournal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship.  16:18-29. 2003-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2007-01-01 Ethnic Economies, Social Capital and the Economic Theory of Clubs -- Handbook of Research on Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship.  Edward-Elgar Publishing. 16-29. 2007-01-01
2006-01-01 Immigrants and Entrepreneurs in São Paulo, Brazil: Economic Development in the Brazilian ‘Melting Pot’.  Developmental Entrepreneurship: Adversity, Risk, and Isolation. 297-322. 2006-01-01
2005-01-01 Afiliação Religiosa e Empreendedorismo Étnico (Religion and Ethnic Entrepreneurship).  Empreendedorismo: Além do Plano de Negócio (Entrepreneurship: Beyond the Business Plan). 67-88. 2005-01-01
2004-01-01 Church Membership, Social Capital, and Entrepreneurship in Brazilian Communities in the U.S..  Ethnic Entrepreneurship: Structure and Process. 169-199. 2004-01-01

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  • Strategy, International Business, International Management, Entrepreneurship.
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  • Carlos L Rodriguez