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2024-07-01 AI-Driven Recruitment: Revolutionizing Early-Stage Interviews with Speed and Precision -- HR PulseHR Pulse2024-07-01
2024-03-01 Bracing for Impact: Strategic Imperatives for Healthcare Human Resources in the Face of the Enrollment Cliff -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  Spring 2024:21-24. 2024-03-01
2023-12-01 Are Nursing Faculty Future-Ready? Emerging Technologies Impact on Nursing EducationJournal of Nursing Education.  62:689-700. 2023-12-01
2023-12-01 The Future is Now: Preparing Healthcare HR for the AI Transformation -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  Winter 2023:24-27. 2023-12-01
2023-11-01 7 Best Practices Framework for Building Mentoring Networks to Impact Students’ FutureThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  7. 2023-11-01
2023-11-01 Across the “Mentorverse”: Developmental Relationships & Mentor Networks Impact on Whole Self & Future WorkThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  7. 2023-11-01
2023-10-01 Beyond the Desk: Navigating the Healthcare Human Resources Challenges of Deskless Healthcare Workers -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  Fall 2023:10-13. 2023-10-01
2023-09-01 Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System Performance in Distributed Big Data Network Security ArchitecturesInternational Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA).  14:990-998. 2023-09-01
2023-07-01 Learning "About," "With," and "From" - Embedding Interprofessional Education within the CurriculumJournal of Health Administration Education.  39:631-640. 2023-07-01
2023-03-01 A Systems Approach to Scaffolding Learning in Healthcare Administration EducationJournal of Health Administration Education.  39:489-502. 2023-03-01
2023-03-01 How prepared are you? A preview of the 4th Industrial Revolution’s Impact on Healthcare Human Resources -- HR PulseHR Pulse2023-03-01
2023-01-01 Creating a Culture of Connectedness to Foster Alumni EngagementJournal of Health Administration Education.  40:23-38. 2023-01-01
2022-12-01 An Ecosystem Approach to Mentoring Diverse CommunitiesThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  6:115-121. 2022-12-01
2022-12-01 Running on Empty - Quiet Quitting, Disengagement, and the Realities of Productivity -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  Winter:15-17. 2022-12-01
2022-09-01 Preceptors: How are you Feeling Today? Four Strategies for Creating a Culture of Wellbeing -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  16-19. 2022-09-01
2022-06-01 The Rise of the Travel Nurse – Tips for Attracting and Retaining Short-Term Nurses -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  23-26. 2022-06-01
2022-05-01 Micro-Mentoring: Small Interactions Can Have Broad Career Altering Impact on Learner Career ProgressionJournal of Health Administration Education.  38:1001-1010. 2022-05-01
2022-03-01 The Quantitative Examination of the Relationship Between Job Satisfaction and Organization Fit in Athletic TrainersJournal of Athletic Training.  57:248-254. 2022-03-01
2021-12-01 A Case for Diversity — Strategies for Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Leadership Team -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  24-25. 2021-12-01
2021-12-01 Intergenerational Micro-mentoring: Addressing Ageism and Inclusion in the WorkplaceThe Chronicle of Mentoring and Coaching.  5:39-44. 2021-12-01
2021-10-01 Back in focus: Increasing sustainability in healthcare – A focus on top trends -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  18-19. 2021-10-01
2021-06-01 Antecedents of Nursing Faculty Organizational Commitment: Exploring Job SatisfactionJournal of Education Human Resources.  39:350-368. 2021-06-01
2021-05-01 Strengthening Skills: Developing Today's HR Healthcare Professional for the Skills of Tomorrow -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  14-16. 2021-05-01
2021-03-01 In Transition: Supporting Competency Attainment in Black and Latinx StudentsJournal of Competency Based Education.  6:1-7. 2021-03-01
2020-12-01 Human Resource Management in the Time of COVID-19: How a Pandemic Redefined the Adoption and Impact of Telemedicine in Health CareHR Pulse.  20-21. 2020-12-01
2020-06-01 Connecting the Dots - Tips for Innovatively Managing Competency Assessment and Data Analysis in Healthcare Management EducationJournal of Health Administration Education.  37:223-236. 2020-06-01
2020-06-01 Teleworking in Health Care: Considerations for Preparedness -- HR PulseHR Pulse.  14-17. 2020-06-01
2018-10-01 A Family Affair -- Lynchburg Business MagazineLynchburg Business Magazine2018-10-01
2018-02-01 Going Green in Healthcare -- Lynchburg Business MagazineLynchburg Business Magazine2018-02-01
2017-12-01 Impactful Connections - Optimizing Appeal for Y(ounger) Donors. Lynchburg Business Magazine -- Lynchburg Business MagazineLynchburg Business Magazine2017-12-01
2016-06-01 Minding the Gap - Dodging the Leadership Crisis? -- Lynchburg Business MagazineLynchburg Business Magazine2016-06-01
2013-12-01 Continuous improvements in the management of hospital wards: The use of operational dashboardsInternational Journal of Management.  30:414-418. 2013-12-01
2012-07-01 Continuous improvement using balanced scorecard in healthcare.American Journal of Health Sciences.  3:185-188. 2012-07-01
Beyond the Pivot: Essential Considerations for Fostering Success in Multimodal Instruction in the Time of COVID-19Journal of Health Administration Education


Year Title Altmetric
2020-03-01 Competency assessment for graduate healthcare management programs: Perspectives from the field. [CAHME White paper]CAHME. 2020-03-01


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