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2023-12-01 A computational linguistic analysis of the anatomy of production, consumption, and diffusion of misinformation and authentic information in social media: The case of the COVID-19 pandemicDiscourse & Communication2023-12-01
2023-08-01 A Guide for Stakeholder Analysis in IS/IT Management and Research: The Case of Broadband Availability in Rural North CarolinaCommunications of the Association for Information Systems.  53:621-666. 2023-08-01
2022-10-01 A Cloud-based System for Scraping Data from Amazon Product Reviews at Scale (2022)Journal of Information Systems Applied Research.  15:24-34. 2022-10-01
2022-07-01 Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Initial Impact on the Defense Industrial BaseJournal of Information Systems Applied Research (JISAR).  15:17-29. 2022-07-01
2021-06-01 An Adaptive Machine Learning System for Predicting Recurrence of Child MaltreatmentKnowledge-Based Systems Journal.  227:107-164. 2021-06-01
2020-12-01 Anxiety, Job Satisfaction, Supervisor Support, and Turnover Intentions of Mid‐Career Nurses: A Structural Equation ModelJournal of Nursing Management2020-12-01
2020-01-01 Participatory Sensing or Sensing of Participation: Awareness and Privacy Concerns with Smart Device Applications.International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction.  3. 2020-01-01
2019-10-01 Daily Text Analytics of News and Social Media with Power BIAnnals of the MS in Computer Science and Information Systems at UNC Wilmington.  13. 2019-10-01
2019-10-01 The Soul of the Introductory Information Systems CourseInformation Systems Education Journal.  17. 2019-10-01
2019-03-01 A rule-based semantic approach for data integration, standardization and dimensionality reduction utilizing the UMLS: Application to predicting bariatric surgery outcomesComputers in Biology and Medicine.  106:84-90. 2019-03-01
Information Technology (IT)-Enabled Crowdsourcing: A Conceptual FrameworkInformation Processing & Management.  57:102-135.

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  • Minoo Modaresnezhad