• Ph.D. 2013 + 20 years of social work direct practice experience. Began teaching in 2005 at the Bachelor's level (human services), which prompted pursuit of PhD. Teaching in undergrad & Master's social work since 2013.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2021-10-01 Palliative care conversations for heart failure nurses: A pilot intervention studySage Open Nursing2021-10-01
    2020-05-01 Older adult suicides: What you should know and what you can doHome Healthcare Now.  38:124-130. 2020-05-01
    2018-09-01 Red flags and off ramps: Providing community education about driving and dementiaHome Healthcare Now.  36:319-323. 2018-09-01
    2017-06-01 A Framework Illustrating Care-Seeking Among Older Adults in a Hospital Emergency DepartmentThe Gerontologist.  58:942-952. 2017-06-01
    2017-06-01 Feasibility of an ED-to-Home Intervention to Engage Patients: A Mixed Methods, InvestigationWestern Journal of Emergency Medicine.  18:743-751. 2017-06-01
    2017-03-01 Complicated dementia: Teaching caregivers to recognize signs and take the next stepsHome Healthcare Now.  35:142-150. 2017-03-01
    2017-01-01 Researching a new or little-known social phenomenon: Positioning research to traverse the gap between academic and non-academic stakeholders and other lessons learnedSAGE Research Methods Cases2017-01-01
    2017-01-01 Where the Rubber Hits the Road: What Home Healthcare Professionals Need to Know About Driving Safety for Persons With DementiaHome Healthcare Now.  35:26-32. 2017-01-01
    2016-12-01 They don’t have anyone: An exploratory study of volunteer legal guardians in the communityThe International Journal of Volunteer Administration.  XXXII:1-16. 2016-12-01
    2015-12-01 No one wants to help them: Volunteer legal guardians assisting older adults in the communityQualitative Social Work.  16:376-393. 2015-12-01
    2013-09-01 Teaching social work research through practicum: What the students learnedJournal of Social Work Education.  49:661-673. 2013-09-01


    Year Title Altmetric
    2019-12-01 Advance Long and Productive Lives -- Gerontological Social Work and the Grand Challenges Focusing on Policy and Practice.  Springer Publishing. 47-60. 2019-12-01


    Research Overview

  • Volunteerism and civic engagement. Issues related to aging in the community. End of life issues including hospice, advance directives. Choices/decision making vis-a-vis behavioral economics.
  • Principal Investigator On

  • Hospice Volunteers: Who Volunteers and Why 2014-01-01 - 2014-12-01
  • Teaching Overview

  • SW macro practice (communities and organizations). End of life issues. Policy. Direct practice/field courses.
  • Full Name

  • Andrea L Jones