Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2022-05-01 Tourism businesses’ perceptions on sustainable practices and barriers in coastal North Carolina, USAJournal of Sustainable Development.  15:15-27. 2022-05-01
2020-01-01 Comparing environmental attitudes and behaviors between an Indigenous and a Non-indigenous sample from New Zealand and the United States of AmericaEnvironmental Management and Sustainable Development.  10:1-23. 2020-01-01
2018-09-01 Factors influencing property owners’ attitudes toward different orientations of sustainabilityJournal of Sustainable Development.  11:83-95. 2018-09-01
2018-01-01 A general framework for gathering data to quantify annual visitationJournal of Park and Recreation Administration.  36:1-24. 2018-01-01
2018-01-01 Distribution pattern of red fox (Vulpes vulpes) dens and spatial relationships with sea turtle nests, recreation, and environmental characteristicsISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information.  7:247-267. 2018-01-01
2015-01-01 Perceptions of availability of beach parking and access as predictors of coastal tourismOcean and Coastal Management.  105:48-55. 2015-01-01
2008-01-01 Valuing Beach Access and Width with Revealed and Stated Preference DataMarine Resource Economics.  23:119-135. 2008-01-01


Year Title Altmetric
2004-12-01 Assessment of Ocean Beach Vehicular Use at Fort Fisher State Recreation AreaNorth Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources. 81 pp.. 2004-12-01


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  • Jeffery Martin Hill