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2022-12-01 Tectonic setting of metamorphism and exhumation of eclogite-facies rocks in the South Beishan orogen, northwestern ChinaGeosphere2022-12-01
2022-11-01 Cenozoic kinematic histories of the Tidding and Lohit thrusts in the northern Indo-Burma Ranges: Implications for crustal thickening and exhumation of Gangdese lower arc crust along the Indus-Yarlung suture zoneGeological Society of America Bulletin2022-11-01
2022-11-01 Paleoproterozoic plate tectonics recorded in the Northern Margin orogen, North China cratonGeochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems2022-11-01
2022-08-01 Late Archean−Paleoproterozoic plate tectonics along the northern margin of the North China cratonGeological Society of America Bulletin2022-08-01
2022-07-01 Tectonic evolution of the Beishan orogen in central Asia: Subduction, accretion, and continent-continent collision during the closure of the Paleo-Asian OceanGeological Society of America Bulletin2022-07-01
2022-05-01 Reply to Comment by A.P. Nutman et al. on “Tectonics of the Isua Supracrustal Belt 1: P-T-X-d Constraints of a Poly-Metamorphic Terrane” by A. Ramírez-Salazar et al. and “Tectonics of the Isua Supracrustal Belt 2: Microstructures Reveal Distributed Strain in the Absence of Major Fault Structures” by J. Zuo et al.Tectonics.  41. 2022-05-01
2022-04-01 Paleoproterozoic–Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the Longshou Shan, western North China cratonGeosphere.  18:1177–1193. 2022-04-01
2022-02-01 Neoproterozoic–Mesozoic tectono-magmatic evolution of the Northern Dabie orogen, eastern China -- SI: Sedimentary geology, hydrocarbon resources and tectonic evolution of the Yangtze Block, South ChinaJournal of Asian Earth Sciences.  228. 2022-02-01
2021-12-01 Proterozoic–Phanerozoic tectonic evolution of the Qilian Shan and Eastern Kunlun Range, northern TibetGeological Society of America Bulletin.  134:2179-2205. 2021-12-01
2021-06-01 Spatially variable syn- and post-Alleghanian exhumation of the central Appalachian Mountains from zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronologyGeosphere.  17:1151–1169. 2021-06-01
2021-03-01 Late Mesozoic–Cenozoic cooling history of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau and its foreland derived from low-temperature thermochronologyGeological Society of America Bulletin.  133:2393–2417. 2021-03-01
2021-03-01 Punctuated Orogeny During the Assembly of Asia: Tectonostratigraphic Evolution of the North China Craton and the Qilian Shan From the Paleoproterozoic to Early PaleozoicTectonics.  40. 2021-03-01
2021-03-01 Tectonics of the Isua Supracrustal Belt 2: Microstructures Reveal Distributed Strain in the Absence of Major Fault StructuresTectonics.  40. 2021-03-01
2021-03-01 Tectonics of the Isua supracrustal belt 1: P-T-X-d constraints of a poly-metamorphic terraneTectonics.  40. 2021-03-01
2021-02-01 Accommodation of India–Asia convergence via strike-slip faulting and block rotation in the Qilian Shan fold–thrust belt, northern margin of the Tibetan PlateauJournal the Geological Society.  178. 2021-02-01
2020-10-01 Early Permian tectonic evolution of the Last Chance thrust system: an example of induced subduction initiation along a transform plate boundaryGeological Society of America Bulletin.  133:1105–1127. 2020-10-01
2020-10-01 Kinematic evolution of a continental collision: Constraining the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen via bulk strain ratesTectonophysics.  797. 2020-10-01
2020-09-01 Structural and Thermochronologic Constraints on the Cenozoic Tectonic Development of the Northern Indo-Burma Ranges -- Tethyan Dynamics: From Rifting to CollisionTectonics.  39. 2020-09-01
2020-01-01 A non-plate tectonic model for the Eoarchean Isua supracrustal beltLithosphere.  12:166–179. 2020-01-01
2019-04-01 Geologic framework of the northern Indo-Burma Ranges and lateral correlation of Himalayan-Tibetan lithologic units across the eastern Himalayan syntaxisGeosphere.  15:856–881. 2019-04-01
2018-01-01 West-directed thrusting south of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis indicates clockwise crustal flow at the indenter corner during the India-Asia collisionTectonophysics.  722:277-285. 2018-01-01
2014-10-01 Sourcing sandstone cobble grinding tools in southern California using petrography, U–Pb geochronology, and Hf isotope geochemistryJournal of Archaeological Science.  50:273-287. 2014-10-01


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2022-04-01 Early Earth’s Phaneritic Ultramafic Rocks: Plate Tectonic Mantle Slices or Crustal Cumulates?Earth and Space Science Open Archive. 2022-04-01


Research Overview

  • Understanding lithospheric deformation and magmatism during tectonic processes throughout Earth’s history. My research of first-order tectonics problems integrates field-based geological mapping, GPS/GNSS surveying, strain analysis, geochronology, thermochronology, thermobarometry, geochemistry, and analysis of geodetic data and satellite/aerial imagery.
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  • Peter J Haproff