• Undergraduate degree and JD degree from the University of North Dakota, LL.M. Degree from Southern Methodist University. Practiced Law in Minnesota. Taught in Minnesota, Texas, and North Dakata before moving to North Carolina.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2020-12-01 Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia: Contrasting the American and European ApproachesJournal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics.  17:36-41. 2020-12-01
    2019-02-01 Physician-Assisted Suicide---Homicide or Death with Dignity?Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics.  15:150-154. 2019-02-01
    2017-04-01 Basics of Estate Planning for New AccountantsNew Accountant.  772:page 4, 21-23. 2017-04-01
    2015-12-01 The Overtime Pay Issue in Public AccountingThe CPA Journal2015-12-01
    2014-02-01 Feature Article: The Employment at Will DoctrineThe New Accountant.  759:12-15. 2014-02-01
    2010-08-01 Employee Benefit Programs: What's In It For Me?New Accountant.  14-17. 2010-08-01
    2010-01-01 Series LLCs in Business and Tax PlanningTax Adviser2010-01-01
    2009-11-01 Accountant Legal Liability: The Perils of the ProfessionNew Accountant.  16-20. 2009-11-01
    2009-05-01 Bankruptcy Law in Difficult Economic TimesThe CPA Journal.  79:52-54. 2009-05-01
    2008-06-01 Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act—Is this an Ethical Approach?Ethics and Critical Thinking Journal.  2008:97-102. 2008-06-01
    2008-02-01 The New Bankruptcy Rules and the Current Credit Crunch: What Students Need to KnowThe New Accountant.  726:20. 2008-02-01
    2005-12-01 State Tax Impacts of the 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer ProtectionJournal of State Taxation.  24:5-10. 2005-12-01
    2005-11-01 Bankruptcy Reform is HereThe Journal of Accountancy.  200:51-59. 2005-11-01
    2005-11-01 New Law Toughens Rules For Avoiding Taxes Through BankruptcyPractical Tax Strategies.  75:260-268. 2005-11-01
    2005-04-01 State Strategies for Dealing with Tax SheltersJournal of State Taxation.  23:4 pages. 2005-04-01
    2004-12-01 Limitations that Weaken The Tax Practitioner-Client PrivilegeExecutive’s Tax & Management Report.  67:6-7. 2004-12-01
    2004-11-01 Tax Shelter Opinion Letters Have Come Under AttackPractical Tax Strategies.  73:268-273. 2004-11-01
    2004-09-01 Estate Planning BasicsThe CPA Journal.  74:52-54. 2004-09-01
    2004-04-01 Taxation of Damages from Securities LawsuitsThe Tax Advisor.  35:224-228. 2004-04-01
    2003-08-01 Tax Shelters Under AttackThe CPA Journal.  73:20-25. 2003-08-01
    1995-03-01 Litigation Support Liability: The Mattco DecisionThe CPA Journal1995-03-01
    1994-08-01 Gaining A New Balance in the CourtsJournal of Accountancy1994-08-01

    Research Overview

  • Accountant Liability, Bankruptcy, Taxation Issues.
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  • Legal Environment, Commercial Law
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  • Randall K Hanson