Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2024-01-01 The Effects of Precipitation Shocks on Rural Labor Markets and MigrationClimate and Development2024-01-01
2023-02-01 Early-life exposure to Saharan dust storms and adolescence functional disability: Evidence from CameroonScience of The Total Environment2023-02-01
2022-06-01 The Role of Learning in Adaptation to Technology: The Case of Groundwater Extraction.Sustainability2022-06-01
2021-01-01 Integrating Large Data Sets in Outcome Research: A Case Example.Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation.  1-10. 2021-01-01
2020-12-01 The School to Prison Pipeline: Quantitative Evidence to Guide School Counselor AdvocacyJournal of Counselor Leadership and Advocacy.  1-14. 2020-12-01
2020-10-01 Parents’ investments in the quality of education: the case of GhanaEducation Economics.  28:621-646. 2020-10-01

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  • Ghadir Asadi