• Dr. Wadsworth is a medical sociologist, with a concentration fulfillment in Medical Behavioral Science earned at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2018-03-01 Health-related quality of life and wellness of aging LGBT populations in Wilmington and the Cape Fear CoastGerontology and Geriatrics Studies.  2:1-5. 2018-03-01
    2009-10-01 An Involuntary Ethnography of a Stay in the Hospital: Being Sick in a sick PlaceSociation Today.  7. 2009-10-01

    Research Overview

  • Medical Sociology and Health, Death and Dying, Nursing History, Grief and Loss, Social Networks of Chronically/Terminally Ill Persons.
  • Teaching Overview

  • Medical Sociology and Health, Aging, Death and Dying, Mental Illness, Disability Studies, Gender Studies.
  • Full Name

  • Angela L Wadsworth