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Academic Article

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2014-07-01 Live-Dead Molluscan Fidelity in Anthropogenically Impacted Seagrass Habitats: Siliciclastic versus Carbonate EnvironmentsPalaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology..  410:113-125. 2014-07-01
2013-07-01 Influence of sediment depth and prey health on drilling behaviour of Neverita duplicata (Gastropoda: Naticidae)with a review of alternate modes of predationJournal of Molluscan Studies2013-07-01
2012-05-01 Predation of bivalves.Treatise Online.  44:1-21. 2012-05-01
2012-02-01 A comparison of analyses of drilling predation on fossil bivalves: bulk- vs. taxon-specific sampling and the role of collector experiencePalaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology..  319-320:84-92. 2012-02-01
2010-10-01 Shell repair as a reliable indicator of bivalve predation by shell-wedging gastropods in the fossil record.Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology..  296:174-184. 2010-10-01
2009-09-01 A College Honors Seminar on Evolution and Intelligent Design: Successes and ChallengesJournal of Effective Teaching.  9:29-37. 2009-09-01
2009-09-01 Teaching Evolution in the GalápagosJournal of Effective Teaching.  9:13-28. 2009-09-01


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2014-07-01 Controversial topics in the classroom: (how) do we dare discuss them?.  University of North Carolina Wilmington. 2014-07-01
2008-10-01 From Evolution to Geobiology: Research Questions Driving Paleontology at the Start of a New Century.  Ed. 14.  Paleontological Society Papers. 2008-10-01
2008-10-01 Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections on His View of Life.  Oxford University Press. 2008-10-01


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2013-10-01 From paleontology to paleobiology: A half-century of progress in understanding life history.  The Geological Society of America Special Paper. 191-232. 2013-10-01
2012-10-01 Learning paleontology through doing: Integrating an authentic research project into an invertebrate paleontology course.  Paleontological Society. 181-197. 2012-10-01
2012-07-01 Illustrated Glossary of the Bivalvia.  Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology. Part N, Revised, Bivalvia. 1-209. 2012-07-01
2009-03-01 Teaching Evolution During the Week and Bible Study on Sunday: Perspectives on Science, Religion, and Intelligent Design,.  University of California Press. 163-179. 2009-03-01
2008-10-01 Stephen Jay Gould’s Winnowing Fork: Science, Religion, and Creationism,.  Oxford University Press. 171-188. 2008-10-01
2008-10-01 The View from the Top: A Century of PS Presidents’ Perspectives on the Paleontological Society and Paleontology.  Paleontological Society Papers. 1-15. 2008-10-01
2008-07-01 Role of bioerosion in taphonomy: effect of predatory drillholes on preservation of mollusc shells.  Springer. 451-470. 2008-07-01

Conference Poster

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2012-10-01 Spatial variation in drilling predation within a biogeographic transition in the Pleistocene lower Waccamaw Formation of the CarolinasGeological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. 368. 2012-10-01


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2011-03-01 Field Trip 401 – Plio-Pleistocene Stratigraphy and Paleontology of Southeastern North Carolina60th Annual Meeting Southeastern Section Geological Society of America. 28 pages + Appendix. 2011-03-01
2010-12-01 Review of Stephen Jay Gould and the politics of evolution by David F. Prindle.Reports of the National Center for Science Education.. 30-31. 2010-12-01
2008-10-01 Editors' Preface to "Stephen Jay Gould: Reflections on His View of Life"Oxford University Press. vii-x. 2008-10-01
2008-10-01 Evolution’s embarrassment no longer: Prothero’s fossils say Yes! Review of Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters, by Donald R. Prothero.American Paleontologist. 43-44. 2008-10-01
2008-10-01 Preface to "From Evolution to Geobiology: Research Questions Driving Paleontology at the Start of a New Century"Paleontological Society Papers. xi-xiii. 2008-10-01


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  • Patricia H Kelley