Selected Publications

Academic Article

Year Title Altmetric
2020-01-01 On Competition Models under Allee Effect: Asymptotic Behavior and Traveling WavesCommunications on Pure and Applied Analysis.  19:5609–5626. 2020-01-01
2015-08-01 Permanence and Coexistence in a Diffusive Complex Ratio-dependent Food ChainInternational Journal of Dynamics and Control (Springer).  3:262-274. 2015-08-01
2015-01-01 Permanence and Coexistence in a Diffusive Complex Ratio-Dependent Food Chain International Journal of Dynamics and Control.  3:262–274. 2015-01-01
2014-12-01 Mathematical Analysis on an Extended Rosenzwig-MaCarthur Model of Tri-trophic Food ChainDiscrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series S.  7:1215-1230. 2014-12-01
2014-01-01 Analysis of Dynamics in a Complex Food Chain with Ratio Dependent Functional ResponseJournal of Applied Analysis and Computation.  4:69-87. 2014-01-01
2014-01-01 Mathematical Analysis on an Extended Rosenzweig-MacArthur Model of Tri-Trophic Food ChainDiscrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems Series S.  7:1215–1230. 2014-01-01
2011-07-01 Equivalence of the realized input and output oriented indirect effects metrics in ecological network analysisEcological Modelling/ Elsevier.  222:2142-2148. 2011-07-01
2011-07-01 Reconnecting Environs to their EnvironmentsEcological Modelling/ Elsevier.  222:2393-2403. 2011-07-01
2010-08-01 Remarks on a Generalization of the Davenport ConstantDiscrete Mathematics2010-08-01
2009-01-01 On the Critical Number of Finite Abelian GroupsJournal of Number Theory.  129:2766-2777. 2009-01-01
2008-01-01 Unions of Sets of LengthsFunctiones et Approximatio.  39:149-162. 2008-01-01
2002-01-01 On Davenport's Constant of Finite Abelian GroupsFar East Journal of Mathematical Sciences.  5:47-54. 2002-01-01
2001-01-01 Equivalence Classes of Minimal Zero-Sequences Modulo a PrimeIdeal Theoretic Methods in Commutative Algebra, Marcel Dekker.  133-145. 2001-01-01
2001-01-01 Sumsets of Zerofree SequencesArabian Journal of Science and Engineering Section C Theme Issue.  26:94-105. 2001-01-01
2000-01-01 On Generalized Lengths of Factorizations in Dedekind and Krull DomainsNon-Noetherian Commutative Ring Theory, Kluwer.  520:117-137. 2000-01-01
1999-01-01 Minimal zero-sequences and the Strong Davenport ConstantDiscrete Mathematics.  203:271-277. 1999-01-01

Conference Poster

Year Title Altmetric
2007-05-01 Parallel Processing with GT4International Conference on the Virtual Computing Initiative. 2007-05-01


Research Overview

  • Non-Unique Factorization Theory, Additive Combinatorics, Additive Number Theory
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  • Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics
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  • Michael A Freeze