• Yixin Chen received Ph.D from Washington University in St. Louis in 1995 and started teaching at UNC Wilmington from 1994
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

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    2022-02-01 Regime, Lineage and Survival: The Case Study of the Great Famine in Sanbaoli Village of Xuancheng County, Anhui Province” [Zhengquan, zongzu yu shengcun: dajihuang shiqi anhui xuanchengxian sanbaolic]The Twenty-first Century.  189:79-98. 2022-02-01
    2021-01-01 Land Reform in the ‘Former Soviet Areas’ in the Early 1950s: A Study of Focusing on Southern Jiangxi Province [1950niandai chu qiansuqu de tugai: yi gan’nan wei zhongxin de kaocha]. -- Journal of the Soviet Area StudiesThe Jiangxi Association of Social Sciences.  40:28-39.. 2021-01-01
    2020-10-01 State, Food, and Counterrevolutionaries: Cases in Rural Anhui during the Great Leap Forward [Guojia, liangshi yu fangeming: dayuejin qijian anhui nongcun de anliThe Twenty-first Century.  181:108-124.. 2020-10-01
    2016-08-01 The Rural Rebels’ Movement during the Early Cultural Revolution: A Case Study of Lao Qu Village and Dingyuan County in Anhui Province [Wenge chuqi nongcun de zaofan yundong—Anhui Laoqu cun he Dingyuan xixan de anli].The Twenty-first Century.  156:61-77. 2016-08-01
    2015-01-01 The Study of China’s Great Leap Forward Famine in the West: A Review Article [Xifang xueshujie de dayuejin jihuang yanjiu].Journal of Jiangsu University: Social Science Edition.  17:13-25.. 2015-01-01
    2013-12-01 The Old Sent-down Youths and the Rural Cultural Revolution in Qimen County, Anhui, 1966-1968” [Lao zhiqing yu Anhui qimen de nongcun wenge].The Twenty-first Century.  104:70-84. 2013-12-01


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    2021-03-01 From Kinship to Citizenship: A Study or Rural Lineages in Anhui under the People’s Republic. -- Family Ideology: Readings on Asian Families and Intimate Spheres (oku ideoroji: Ajia no kazuoku to shimintsu sakuru,).  Ed. 1.  SAGE Publications. 2021-03-01
    2018-06-01 Cultural Revolution in Village China [Wenge yu nongcun] -- Cultural Revolution: Recollections, Reconstructions, and Reflections [Zhongwai xuezhe tan wenge]..  The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press. 2018-06-01


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    2020-03-01 CONFESSIONS OF A RED GUARD: A Chinese Novelist Recounts His Experiences During China's Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. By Liang Xiaosheng; Translated by Howard Goldblatt. Pacific Affairs. 169-171.. 2020-03-01
    2019-10-01 Brian DeMare. Land Wars: The Story of China’s Agrarian Revolution.Agricultural History. 755-757.. 2019-10-01
    2018-09-01 Fred C. Teiwes and Warren Sun. Paradoxes of Post-Mao Rural Reform: Initial Steps Toward A New Chinese CountrysideChina Review International. 304-308.. 2018-09-01
    2015-07-01 The Lost Generation: The Rustication of China’s Educated Youth (1968-1980), by Michel Bonnin, translated by Krystyna Horko.The China Journal. 223-224.. 2015-07-01
    2014-09-01 Tombstone: The Great Chinese Famine, 1958-1962. By Yang Jisheng; Translated from the Chinese by Stacy Mosher and Guo Jian Pacific Affairs. 595-597. 2014-09-01
    2014-01-01 Zhou Xun, The Great Leap Forward Famine, A Documentary History The Historian. 157-158. 2014-01-01

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  • Twentieth-century Chinese social and economic history
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  • Global History, East Asian History, and Chinese History
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  • Yixin Chen