• Assistant professor in computer science. He received the Ph.D. degree in Engineering from Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA, in 2019. Before that, he received his Ms. in electrical Engineering in 2014. His employment experience included consulting and optimizing the radio frequency systems in different wireless communication companies in Jordan, UAE and USA. Furthermore, he worked for a security location tracking company in Mountain View, CA for 3 years.
  • Selected Publications

    Academic Article

    Year Title Altmetric
    2023-01-01 Secure Mobile Payment Architecture Enabling Multi-factor AuthenticationarXiv preprint arXiv:2304.094682023-01-01
    2020-11-01 0EC2FA Zero Effort Continuous Two-factor AuthenticationIEEE Communications Magazine2020-11-01
    2020-09-01 A Weighting System to Build Physical Layer Measurements Maps by Crowdsourcing Data from SmartphonesIAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA).  9:211-219. 2020-09-01
    2020-04-01 0EISUA: Zero Effort Indoor Secure User AuthenticationIEEE Access2020-04-01
    2020-03-01 ITS2FA: Indoor Trilateration System Two Factor AuthenticationIEEE Transactions on Network Service and Management2020-03-01


    Research Overview

  • My primary research interest is in the areas of unobtrusive and context-based authentication
    factors, network security, wireless security, navigation and location technology, privacy and
    security in loT systems, securing cyber-physical systems, location-based services, and privacy
    and security in location-based services. Recent surveys show that most US adults use
    smartphones. The current direction of digital systems is trending toward the user's mobility.
    Thus, security in mobile networks is critical and I believe it's an important research subject. This
    includes: studying contextual radiofrequency physical layer data and utilizing this data for
    unobtrusive authentication, protecting wireless systems from attacks that manipulate wireless
    messages, investigating algorithms to obtain location when using different wireless technologies
    (e.g. GPS, Cell towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.), utilizing localization data for location-based
    services' applications (e.g. Location-based access control). Furthermore, I'm interested in
    studying location data security and privacy. This includes proposing privacy-preserving and
    secure systems architectures. Moreover, my research interests include the area of mobile device
    security from forensic and antl-forensic aspects. I believe this is an interesting research area that
    combines different disciplines in computing.
  • Teaching Overview

  • Cyber security, computer networks, wireless networks, Computer organization, Assembly
  • Full Name

  • Hosam Alamleh